Make Your Own Rice and Bean Bowls

A different sort of supper tonight! Make your own rice and bean bowls from one of our meatless cookbooks.  This afternoon I cooked up a batch of black beans with lots of garlic, jalapeno, yellow onion and then a bit of salt and pepper and red wine vinegar and a batch of brown rice with more onions and garlic in that too.

Our toppings tonight included tomato, red onion, cilantro, avocado and thinly sliced jalapeno.  Then there was sour cream, sriracha, salsa etc. to put on top of that.  Mine had all the vegetables on it… mostly onion and avocado with a few jalapenos, a bit of cilantro and some token tomatoes too.  For my sauce I used sour cream and a tiny bit of sriracha.  I never liked sriracha until Joe convinced me to try it (I wouldn’t eat it for a long time even when we had it here in the house) and now I could, and do, put it on just about everything… even macaroni and cheese and chicken soup. Mmm.  I think tons of other things would work well as toppings too, corn or greens, sauteed veggies, broccoli, eggs or some sort of meat to make it non-vegetarian.  It seems pretty versatile!

WP_002203I was hoping James would make it up to have supper because these are all foods he likes, except for possibly cilantro which I’m not sure he has had yet and he also hasn’t had raw jalapeno but he also likes sriracha so I’m guessing he will grow into liking spicy and hot foods like we do. Instead James had a banana tonight, which he hasn’t had in over a month, and then we had a quick bath and called it a night.  Poor guy had a semi-rough day today… I’m wondering if his second tooth is working it’s way up because he was a bit grouchy and definitely didn’t want me to be out of his sight and preferably he wanted me holding him the entire time or very, very close.  Plus, this afternoon he turned over and clonked the side of his head on his toy train and got a little bump/scratch.  Hopefully if it’s his tooth that is the issue it pops in tonight and tomorrow becomes a better day!


Here is James practicing his sit up skills this afternoon! Plus I found the cutest little overalls in his clothes bin when I was searching for new things for him to wear.  I love them, they are adorable! Although, they are a super pain in the butt to get him into because he has a onesie on and then overalls so diaper changes involve over 10 snaps and a wiggly baby…so that’s not as fun.  I’m glad I found them though so he can wear them a couple times before it gets too warm out!

Tomorrow James and I are going with a friend, Jessica, to visit another friend, Greta, who recently had a baby.  We will have a 2 week old, a 5.5 month old and a 2.5 year old between 3 of us.  Jessica has an 18 month old but he is spending the day with his Aunt so he won’t be coming to visit with us tomorrow.  It should be fun! Then tomorrow night there are beets on the menu which will be something totally new for James (if he makes it up) otherwise I will feed him leftovers from tonight which I know he will enjoy!  I’m interested to see if he will eat beets…so far he pretty much eats whatever we give him but beets are very distinctive.  Even I don’t particularly love beets… I love the idea of beets more than actually eating beets and I did not eat beets when I was pregnant I don’t think and for sure not since he has been born so he hasn’t been exposed to that flavour at all yet.  We’ll see!


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