A New View on Life

Look who is starting to sit up!  Just this past week James has been able to start sitting up more and more.  He can’t go for too long yet, although tonight he was doing really well… the longest he has done it so far!  If there is a toy in front of him he can balance and look at it and move it around etc.  He gets into trouble sometimes if he turns too quickly or reaches too far and then loses his balance.  He also has this bad habit of sitting upright and then all of a sudden flinging himself backwards, so I haven’t left him sitting up on his own yet.  I always stick close behind him, often with my hands out to sort of catch him if he tumbles.  Forward tumbles are fine, he just goes to his belly and sideways tumbles aren’t so bad but I don’t want him to fling himself backward onto the floor… ouch!

Enjoying some pre-bath naked play time!

WP_002188 WP_002190 WP_002192


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