Worst Walk Ever

Today might top out as our worst walk ever! Normally we have fun walks but our family walks lately have been plagued with cold weather, wind, or crying.  Or all of the above and more.  Somehow when I take James by myself or the occasional James and Cora I tend to get pretty lucky and then we get so unlucky when it comes to nice weekend walks that we expect to be fun!

Today it was sunny out and warming up here at home so we decided to go for a drive to find a random quiet road to walk on (Trails are nowhere near thawed yet!) and on the way we passed by the road to the shooting range, which is also not close to being thawed.  We ended up in Tapiola and thought we would walk down a quiet looking side road that we found.

Somehow when we got there and out of the car and got James into the stroller it had somehow gotten cloudy, colder and really windy.  So we went with plan B and took him out of the stroller and put him into his carrier with a blanket around him and set off down the road! Cora found loads of freezing thaw puddles and was having a total blast.  James made it a couple of blocks before he started to get cranky but we kept going.  Further on he got really cranky, so we decided to turn back.  Then, he got downright angry (probably a combo of being cold, covered up and a diaper that he had gotten messy too) and screamed and screamed the whole way back to the car.  Once we got there though and he got a diaper change (including new pants) and got snuggled into the car he was fine! It was a really long walk back to the car though… James has definitely lost his newborn cry and is almost in the realm of toddler cry and we knew he was so unhappy and were going as quick as we could but it was still a long walk!

I ended up mapping it online and it was about 2.5 miles.  So I guess it was a long walk back, over a mile, with a crying baby! One of these days we are going to get out for a walk on a nice day, without wind, without dirty diapers, all four of us… and we will all have a good time! Although I guess the more of us in number we add the more likely it is that somebody won’t always have a good time!


This particular walk it was Cora who had the best time!  She got mud in our car 😦 Good thing everything is so washable now!

WP_002182 WP_002183

This was James for most of the walk.  We started out with his head out and just in his hood but it was so windy I ended up covering his head and tucking his blanket in all around him in the carrier.  He wasn’t crying yet when I took this picture but I’m pretty sure it went downhill pretty quick thereafter!



On the way home we got some Hardees for a late lunch and James took a bit of a nap in the car after he had something to eat.  We spent the next few hours playing and hanging out together and James and I took a quick nap again while Joe did some bullet reloading to get ready for shooting season (if the range ever melts!).  Now James is fast asleep in bed all snuggled up and clean, everybody else is fed and happy, Joe and I are going to find a little bit for supper and watch some T.V. before bed!

Tomorrow James and I are going grocery shopping and then out to lunch with some of my friends and their kids and then we’ll come back here to do chores and maybe take a nap in the afternoon.  I’m still on a mission to get rid of excess stuff (although I am pretty sure it’s breeding anytime I turn around) so I’ve got half the contents of our closet spread out upstairs to go through and another box started to take to the consignment store in May.


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