Fancy Spring-Themed Supper

A few days ago Joe invited one of his friends and his girlfriend over for supper tonight.  He planned out a full menu and then yesterday I did most of the shopping and I have been cleaning extra all week.  Joe did a ton of prep work yesterday and then today while I was getting my annual eye exam Joe took James to the grocery store next door to finish getting a few things that I didn’t quiet get right!  I read artichoke hearts…so I came home with canned marinated ones, but Joe really needed real fresh ones instead! 🙂  After the appointment we came home and Joe spent the day cooking while I finished cleaning and getting the table and baby ready etc.

We did take a break for a bit too so I could run to the dump quick with a load of trash and Joe spent some more time playing with James.  We realized today is the longest time I’ve been away from James in one day by going to my appointment and then the dump by myself! And it was James’ first time going out shopping with his dad all by himself too and it went well!

Then this afternoon our guests were supposed to arrive anytime after 4pm and at 4:30 they called to say they weren’t coming. Nice huh? So we tried to think of anyone else who might want to just come hang out and eat with us but most of our other friends have kids so we figured they all had plans already!  So we had a nice fancy supper to ourselves after James went to bed!

Our supper included artichoke heart barigoule with goat cheese foam, chilled avocado soup, and scattered lasagna with fresh homemade egg noodles.  It took Joe lots of time and care to prepare and it was well worth it… very tasty!  Too bad we didn’t get to share it with anybody though!


I cleaned places in our house that haven’t been cleaned in months… like under the fridge! And the kitchen radiator…and I dusted! I never dust but I did this time…James and I walked around the whole house dusting together a couple of days ago.  Plus a new tablecloth, new placemats and I even extra washed the wine glasses so there were not even any clean water spots! 🙂


Supper for two!


The upper left is the artichoke heart dish Joe made.  He made it from fresh artichoke and the fluff is made from cream and goat cheese. Very tasty!  The middle top dish is the chilled avocado soup. It was good but it had lots of buttermilk and dill in it so it tasted more like a pickle than avocado! Still very tasty but pretty strong.. not a soup you could eat an entire pot of!  And the main course dish is the scattered lasagna with lots of fresh basil and tomato and shaved cheese on top… of course with fresh homemade noodles too! Everything was really nice and it would have been fun to share with others… but I guess it did work out in my favour…more food for me that way!

Now tonight James is happily in bed, Joe and I are drinking some wine left from supper and working on picking out a movie to watch.  We even have the windows open tonight even though it didn’t even hit 50 degrees today…it’s nice to have some fresh air!


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