Baby Activity Cups

A deary day around here today!  I thought it was too cold to go out for a walk because we are supposed to be getting more snow this afternoon/evening (something like 5-8 inches…) but when I mentioned it to Joe he said it probably wasn’t too bad outside so James, Cora and I decided to brave it and go for a walk!  James got all snuggled up in his stroller and Cora got to try out her hands-free leash again for the first time in years.  The last time I used it with her she was a baby and we went running.  We got about 2 miles from home and she had a huge fit and made the trip back really miserable!  That was the end of that until today, and luckily she did great! The three of us walked up the hill from our house and had a walk almost 4 miles long.

This afternoon now we spent a lot of time playing on the floor and then I got James all settled for a nap.  Then I decided to nap myself too only to lay in bed reading my book for about 15 minutes when someone knocked on the door and Cora lost her mind! Which of course sent me shooting out of bed but it was too late and James had woken up screaming (he will sleep through barking at night but isn’t a very deep sleeper for naps). So I answered the door and had to shove Cora in the pantry until that was done and then I had to run upstairs and rescue James who was pretty pissed.

WP_002157We were technically expecting the person who came but they were supposed to warn Joe they were coming so he could warn me and I could do something with Cora and keep an eye out! Any other time it would have been fine… it’s just it happened to coincide with nap time which was a bummer!  It took me like 40 minutes to get him back to sleep and then he only napped for a little bit and woke up cranky again.  This evening should be fun although right now he is in his jumper facing the dog who is sitting on the couch and he is totally in love with her and giggling when she does anything…so that works! Super loud guard dog comes to the rescue with some cranky-baby entertainment! Good girl!

Our activity for today besides going for our almost-daily walk was to play with some activity cups!  We have a bunch of screw top storage containers that James can’t grip to open yet (this won’t work when he can figure out how to unscrew them!) and I filled them with random things I found in the kitchen for him to shake and look at.  These containers are made by Ball and are meant for food preservation so they are sold by the canning supplies not the tupperwares.


From left to right the containers contain bread crumbs, oil/vinegar, a head of garlic, green coloured dish soap water, black peppercorns, rubberbands and a car key.  Like I said he can’t get his hands on them to open them yet and I’m always near him to check on him but once he can open things this isn’t going to work.  It’s fun because everything looks and sounds different and reacts different when he shakes it.  The only downside is he doesn’t get to see, feel and taste the actual object inside the cup.

WP_002140 WP_002139 WP_002138

He seems to like them! I won’t give him all of them at once or anything, that would overwhelm him… but one or two while he is in his highchair to keep him busy.  I might change some of them out if I can think of better things to put in them.  The dish soap/water one doesn’t leak but the one with oil in it does leak a tiny bit and I don’t like that.  It won’t hurt him but I don’t want him to be all oily so that one will probably become something else sooner rather than later!

Now tonight we are having homemade fancy grilled cheese made by Joe (who even made the cheese singles etc. himself… I’ll try to post that tomorrow!) and James will have some leftover corn grits from our supper last night.  Last night he had spinach and seemed to enjoy it but it was difficult for him to eat.  The grits should be quite a bit easier and I think he will probably like them! I’m guessing since nap time was a huge let down that bedtime is going to come pretty early tonight for him and maybe for me too!

Oh! And I forgot to mention! His first tooth poked through yesterday! It’s very sharp and pointy but he doesn’t really seem to mind it too much.  Pretty soon his smile will be changed forever!



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