April Snow Shower and Stone Bowl Suppers

Yesterday was another big snow storm… hopefully the last! Snow practically up to my knees and over the tops of my boots!  Cars slid down our hill all morning and some random kid got himself stuck in our driveway… and then got himself unstuck but left a ton of piled up snow for us to deal with (thanks kid.)  For supper Joe cooked us a vegetable dish in our new stone bowls (you can cook in them right on the stove top). It was made with rice, potato, carrot, onion and jalapenos and we had it with naan bread.  James ate supper with us the past two nights now and enjoyed the less spicy items from our stone bowl supper.  Tomorrow night is a curry dish so he might try a bit of spicy if he wants to depending on how spicy it turns out.


Our wintery weather as of about 11 yesterday morning.  It got worse before it got better throughout the afternoon.  I’m sure I’ve said this before but… at least Cora likes the snow.  That makes one of us! 🙂




Since Easter is coming up I thought it would be fun to do some Easter painting with James.  I made paint out of water, cornstarch and food colouring this time though since he really, really eats everything right now and I didn’t want him to ingest an excessive amount of real paint.  Unfortunately my idea didn’t match James’ idea.  He mostly wanted to eat the paper Easter egg I had for him and when I took that away from him he just splashed around in the paint for a few minutes before getting pissed.  Oh well! Maybe next year!




This is the dude who got stuck in our driveway.  That’s right… I took a picture of him out our window and left him to it.  He was probably going too fast down our hill and ditched into our driveway… if you’re gonna drive stupid, you can dig yourself out! If I was alone I probably would have gone out to go help him because it definitely sucks to get stuck but James was awake so I wasn’t going to just leave him alone.  Someone ended up stopping to help push him out eventually and that’s when he left huge piles of snow for us to deal with.


Cora’s collar broke Wednesday night on her walk with Joe.  I’ve been meaning to get her into her new one for probably almost a year but I kept putting off getting it embroidered.  Thankfully we had this extra one at least though, embroidered or not, because she needed to switch over to it yesterday morning! It’s bright pink and matches her bright pink bandana she let me dress her up in.  She feels beautiful.


Our hot stone supper cooking on the stove and the finished, tasty, product all ready to eat!




James enjoying some sticky rice and naan bread for supper.  He also sampled some potato and carrot.


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