Dehydrating Vegetables

Yesterday/today I worked on dehydrating some vegetables.  We had an entire head of celery that had gotten a bit floppy while we were gone over the weekend.  I read about trying to revive it but it didn’t work so I decided to dry it instead and make celery flakes/powder so it didn’t go to waste.  I was also debating trying to make some veggie crackers so I decided to dry some onion and carrots as well.

I ended up filling our dehydrator with one sheet of onion, two sheets of celery and one sheet of carrots.  In total I used about 1.25 onions, 5 carrots, and 2/3 of a head of celery and I got 2-3 Tablespoonsful of flakes/powder for each one.  Definitely not a lot of results for how much food I put into the dehydrator but then, in the case of the celery especially, it’s better to use it than not so it still wasn’t a waste.  I tried veggie crackers but my recipe isn’t right yet so I won’t share those until I get a good one.  The powder I made will probably be used up in my attempts to make a good homemade cracker but they would also be great in recipes like soup or maybe even hiding them in other foods… I’ve never seen a recipe call for carrot powder, but why not add it to things if you have it? A little carrot powder in spaghetti sauce couldn’t hurt!


J sampling celery for the first time and keeping me company while I chopped veggies.


Trays ready for the dehydrator.


My carrot slices were too thick so once they were dehydrated they were hard to crush.  I wanted more of a flake/powder but got small dehydrated pieces instead.  I tried our small food processor but it was so loud that it upset James when he was downstairs and I’m afraid to try it when he is sleeping for fear of waking him up!  Who knew dried carrots were so stiff and hard?  The onion flakes and celery flakes/powder worked much better!  I did crush all three of them by hand though in our mortar.


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