James’ Photo Shoot

Here are a few pictures from James’ photo shoot with his Granny over the weekend!



J really likes his feet now except we couldn’t get him to check them out when he was laying down for photos! He was being sneaky on us 🙂  He generally likes to look at them when he gets his diaper changed, or if he has footy jammies on he gets confused (How did my foot turn into a Rabbit??), or if he has socks on he likes to concentrate on those and yank them off.


James and his new Micky Mouse toy, up on his belly and looking around… a very common position for him now!

James5mo3And a good close up of his handsome face and pretty brown eyes! And of course, his ever constant drool 🙂 No teeth yet but he’s been drooling for over 3 months now like crazy!

It is still winter back here in the U.P. with a snowstorm on it’s way for this afternoon again.  Right now it’s actually sunny and pretty looking outside but it’s still only in the 20’s.  Joe says it was only 9 degrees when he left this morning.  So much for outside walks this week like I was hoping for! Next week the Weather Channel says it should be in the 40’s so maybe then we can get outside again.  For now it’s workout videos in the house, lots of floor playtime and trying to keep ourselves busy with chores and fun activities.  Yesterday I got the dehydrator out to try carrot, onion and celery but I haven’t powdered it yet to see how it turned out.  My plan was to make vegetable crackers with the powder… we’ll see how it goes!


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