Happy 5 Months

Joe, James and I are home tonight after a 5 day trip to Minnesota to see Joe’s mom, dad and brother.  We had lots of fun and James got lots of time with his Granny and Grandpa and Uncle, and Uncle Dog, Walter, too!  We also ran some errands and did some shopping… James went to the Mall of America for the first time and also the zoo for the first time too.  He liked people watching at the Mall but he was pretty tired at the zoo and we ended up leaving early with a crying baby.  Maybe next time!  Joe’s mom also got lots of good pictures of him that I’ll have to share sometime!


Above: James and Daddy at the Mall of America.  Below: James about to throw a fit at the zoo.



Above: James’ new Easter jammies and hat.  Below: The backside of his jammies with his bunny tail while he was sleeping.  And I did not shove him in the corner to sleep.  I lay him down in the middle on his back and then he rearranges himself in his crib (Pack n Play here) how he wants which is usually on his belly and often in some crazy spot or position.



Above: James in his new Gryffindor outfit from Harry Potter World.  Below: James and Granny playing with James’ new present…his very own cell phone! He can’t quite pick it up yet but he really likes the noises and talking to him.  It must make him feel like a big boy since he really wants my phone especially… now he has his own.



Above: Happy 5 months baby! We tried to do a little photo shoot Sunday afternoon but James was sneaky and didn’t want to smile on camera very much.  We did get some super cute photos though! The one above is from Joe’s mom for his 5 month picture.  You can see Walter in the picture, he was sitting right next to him.  The 5 is all low down goofy on him too.  That’s because he kept ripping it off his belly and trying to eat it! Below: We thought James would look pretty cute in a teacup for a picture!  He wasn’t totally thrilled with us but we got some.  This one is just a quick one from me phone… I’ll try to share some of the good ones Joe’s mom got later!



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