A Bad Habit

James is getting into a new bad habit of losing socks lately!  We almost lost a sock two weeks ago at Wal-Mart but a nice lady with 4 of her own kids saw mine without a sock on and happened to see it on the floor and returned it to us!  Then last week we did lose a sock at Wal-Mart and I never found it, although I should ask the lost and found if I remember.  Now earlier this week we went out for a walk, made it over 4 miles criss-crossing Dollar Bay and got home to discover my baby had one sock and one cold foot.  It was hidden under his blanket so I had no idea when it fell off! I wasn’t about to lose another sock though so when we left to run errands we drove our route backwards and found it! I knew he had it for at least half his walk and it ended up being just two blocks from home in the middle of the road…so at least he only went sockless for like 10 minutes!


Here he is in his stroller.  He had a fit about sitting in his car seat and clipping in to his stroller…so I sat him up like a big boy and strapped him in and off we went.  He got pretty sleepy after awhile though so I reclined him and put the blanket up and he took a snooze for a couple of miles.  He did have mittens on but he ripped them off after about 30 seconds 🙂 I ended up folding his coat sleeves down over his hands and tucking him in good and he was totally fine… zonked right out.


This is what we found when we came home.  But, the sock was saved so it all turned out well!

Since it was so nice out once Joe got home we went out for another walk with Cora.  We made it about a mile and a half but James was getting really tired and a bit cranky (I ended up carrying him most of the walk while Joe walked Cora and the stroller), so we cut the walk short and called it good with that.  At least Cora got a bit of a walk in too since I can’t take Cora and the baby together right now. Hopefully she can learn to walk politely and eventually I’ll be able to go with both of them, but for now it takes two of us to watch two of them!


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