Happy Birthday House!

It’s 5 years in our house today!  Here are my older house posts if anybody wants them. I might have repeated a lot in them, I’m not sure… I didn’t go back and fully read them myself yet!

Happy Birthday House Year 1

Happy Birthday House Year 2

Happy Birthday House Year 3

Happy Birthday House Year 4 – the poor house didn’t get a post last year, sorry House!


This year we’ve definitely done a number on her.  We ripped down some walls and decided the house is probably over the age we originally thought.  We still currently have log walls open in our living room!


We brought this handsome face home with us…

WP_001962The baby not the cat… the cat was an original that moved in with us!

We also got a new roof and thanks to the worst winter ever the front half of our pole building collapsed!


All in all I think this year comes out even on good things versus bad things we’ve done to the house but we’ve working on it! We’ve had new roofs and septic tanks, buildings falling down and buildings taken down, a well filled in, gardens planted, late night fires outside, hundreds of walks, tons of good food, and lots of good memories!  Our house has also been home to a whole ton of living things…some invited and others just showed up!

When we moved in we had two people, one dog, one cat and a hermit crab.  Over the years the house has played host to 3 people (plus guests), 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 birds, 2 rabbits, a hermit crab, almost 100 chickens at one time or another – some babies in batches and some adults who needed a bit of extra love, one vacationing dog, one stray dog that needed a ride home, some baby bunnies whose mom was missing, a few mice, some spiders (including a gigantic one Joe caught last night in the basement… I didn’t see it but from the sounds of it we should probably just move…), several house plants – some of whom never made it out alive, one stray cat that now lives with our neighbors, several barn cats, and at least one barn raccoon.  Oh and one injured bat!



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