Homemade Stock and Baby likes Tomato

Joe spent this past weekend making us 5 different kinds of homemade stock!  We’ve been saving bits and pieces and bones etc. of various meats for awhile and we finally had a lot of everything so we picked up some carrots, onion and celery and Joe started cooking.


Each stock had celery, onion and carrot in it along with the selected meat and a lot of the meats were roasted in the oven first too. Then he processed the 5 different batches through the pressure cooker over the course of two days and ended up with approximately 10 cups each of brown pork stock, brown beef stock and brown chicken stock and then 4-5 cups of seafood stock and probably close to 14 or 15 cups of vegetable stock!  Our house smell good all weekend and we ended up with a grand total of about 50 cups of homemade stock!  Stock is not cheap to purchase in the store and this will save us money and keep us going for awhile so it was well worth it.

And here is a photo of James for today.  He ate a large portion of an entire tomato yesterday. Raw. Not cooked… just sliced tiny and mashed a bit.  Ate it right down.  If I didn’t know for sure he was my baby I would wonder whose baby that is because there is no way I would eat a raw tomato like that!  Definitely Joe’s baby in this regard! 🙂 Joe likes raw tomato and I want James to like tomatoes too (and in general a variety of vegetables even if one of us doesn’t like it) so I thought I’d try it and down they went! He hasn’t met anything he didn’t like yet although if I had to pick apples were his least favourite (although that may have been because I undercooked them), possibly followed by strawberries!  He doesn’t get solid food everyday, I want to make sure he gets enough milk which is what he really needs right now, but most days he does get a little something after his afternoon nap and before bath and bedtime.

If I can remember everything… he’s now had two types of beans, avocado, carrots plain, carrots with cinnamon, apple, banana, strawberry, tomato, rice cereal, mango/spinach/pear baby food, and broccoli.  He’s also had tiny pieces of other things we’ve been eating because he stares us down and wants it so bad…so he’s had a couple tiny, tiny pieces of popcorn, corn chips, oatmeal, coffee cake and even cabbage.  He is very interested in foods and watches us chew and eat and wants to grab it.  He would also like to drink from a cup because he sees us do it, but his coordination isn’t there yet! I might try to get him a sippy sort of cup he could grab easier but that wouldn’t leak so bad if he drops it… I wonder if he might drink milk from that easier than he will from a bottle which is still touch and go on whether he will take it or not.




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