Baby Forts and Kitchen Tools (Baby Activities)

Here are a couple new activities we’ve tried lately!

One day a few days ago James was starting to get grumpy and it was too late for a nap but way too early for bed and Joe wasn’t even home yet to get his play time in… so we made a fort in his room with some chairs and a pretty quilt and spent some time playing under it and looking up at the different patterns and picking our favourites.


Above: James looking up at the quilt and patterns.  Below: A better view of the quilt above us!



We’ve also been discovering some fun things from the kitchen, just to change up the toys he gets to play with when he is in his high chair.  He really seems to like the dog/cat food can cover and the chicken pot holder the best.  The rag is always a hit, he often has some sort of rag/burp cloth/towel with him in his high chair… he loves to touch them and taste them and he wipes his own face pretty darn good after he has real food.  The jar lid and the silicone muffin cups are cool too but not as cool as the other things.  I need to get some more plastic utensils and measure cups he can play with and then we can take up to the tub once he can sit up and play with more toys there.   I’ve been meaning to get him his own little cup too because he is  fascinated with our big cups and my coffee mug, and even soda bottles etc. but they are too large for him to play with.



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