Good Morning U.P.!

We thought we were making progress on the spring/melting snow front, but winter had other plans for us this weekend!  The U.P. is waking up to tons of new snow this morning…

My photos are hard to see but this is roughly 7:30am snow after only a few hours of it coming down.  It’s now 9:30 as I am blogging and it has steadily come down all morning and we still have about 17 hours left of our winter storm warning, with estimates up to about 20 inches of snow the last I heard. Joe has decided that since he has no imminent projects at work that he will probably stay home today with us! Yay for a 3 day weekend! If nothing else he is enjoying sleeping in this morning (and James is down for his nap too, although he is due to wake up at any time now) and he may or may not decide to go into work later.


The snow is piling up outside our door. I didn’t bother shoveling since it’s just going to keep going.  We’ll deal with the snow tomorrow or later. It won’t be fun for Joe to plow because of the previous melt it will be very bumpy and wobbly to plow so hopefully it warms up Sunday and Monday and melts this stuff fast.


The car is totally covered in snow and now if you were to look at it it’s twice as bad!


Yay Snow.


Winter knee boots and the snow is coming up pretty high. A few places it was over the top of them.


Cora thinks snow is awesome. She has a great time. Glad at least somebody is enjoying this! 🙂 I bet all the animals who are waking up are very confused.  I’ve seen crows searching for nest material and Joe saw a raccoon scuffling around in the barn and somebody, probably the raccoon, broke into my chicken coop through the window (but didn’t do any damage or even take any chickens as far as I can tell). Plus I’ve seen cat tracks by the chicken coop (I think the neighbors cat who is back outside now that it has warmed up) and a variety of other animal tracks.  Might be time to put the trail cam back outside to see what’s going on!

Otherwise for us today is a normal day.  I put trash out this morning and I’m hoping the pick up crews come even with all of this snow.  I’ll be doing a bit of cleaning around here today and lots of playing with James.  If he takes a good afternoon nap I will  continue to work on my ‘spring’ cleaning in the chicken coop, I’ve been doing small sections each day to get it done.  I was pregnant last spring and feeling pretty sick so it never did get a full thorough cleaning last year… so this year I’m insisting on a full and good cleaning even if it takes me weeks!  Once it’s nicer out I can bring out a play pen and let James play near me while I work but so far it has been too cold and snowy obviously and I’m not baby-wearing him inside the chicken coop the dust isn’t good for his little lungs and they are gross birds so that’s not happening!

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Came home after a trip to the vet and Wal-Mart and discovered our baby only had one sock on. I never noticed because he was covered with blankets too.  No idea where his sock came off! Just hoping strangers didn’t see his foot peeking out and think I was the mom who doesn’t put socks on her kids in winter! I’m bummed that we lost it too, first sock that has gone missing! Plus – Notice how big he is getting??

Here is an old picture from when he was already 6 weeks old and he was still so tiny! Supposedly James has about 3 more inches in height and about 10-12lb of weight left before he hits the max of his infant seat but as you can see his feet are basically hanging over the edge and we’ve had to take the infant head pillow out and his head is still close to the top of the carrier.  We’ll be shopping for his convertible seat soon and I’m guessing by the time he is 6 months or so he will be switching seats already! Time flies!


Tomorrow is a busy day for us too! I’m hoping to go to the dump and consignment store and then maybe Tractor Supply and if I can make it to Shopko and Wal-mart I will do that too.  We need to do some grocery shopping and James really needs new clothes his 6 month onesies are getting so short that they hold his diaper too tight and then they leak and his footie jammies are almost too short to even zip! He will be 5 months next week and is pretty much in 9 month clothing….at least for onesies and jammies. His 6 month pants still fit him alright, although a few pairs are getting too tight now and do need to be retired, his couple pairs of 9 month pants are still a little bit loose.  James and I took Chloe to the vet a couple of days ago and while we were waiting I took advantage of their scale and found him to be 19lb with his clothes on so he has definitely done some growing in the past month!


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