Free Barn

It was back to being a normal week here for us… last week Joe was gone all week for work in Yuma, Arizona! From like 20 degrees to 90 and back. James and I held down the fort here and went out a bunch… visited with my friend Jessica and her son Bradey and we took our elderly friend Eleanor out one morning.  We did some grocery shopping, went to the dump and kept ourselves busy. I finished painting the mudroom and then got the house all cleaned for when Joe came home on Friday.


Joe’s trip back was rough again with him almost having to stay in Phoenix until Saturday, and then getting stuck longer in San Fransisco and then to top it off his new flight into Chicago ended up getting there around 9:20 and his flight leaving Chicago was scheduled at 9:25 so we spent most of the afternoon assuming he would have to miss his flight and spend the night in Chicago. By some miracle of luck his flight leaving Chicago got delayed for an hour which allowed him to make it and he got home around 12:30 in the morning on Saturday… only about 45 minutes later than the scheduled time! We were all very glad it worked out and we had the whole weekend to spend together as a family!


Joe and James spending some last minute time together before the plane left last Sunday.


Today our last barn roof finally dumped it’s snow! Huge chunks of it came off and now one of our electric poles is leaning a little bit and the snow is still wedged on it and one section of the roof is in rough shape and starting to sag.





And one more cute picture of James from a few days ago! He was supervising me while I folded laundry.  He ended up unfolding the wash clothes, tipping over a stack of shirts and grabbing a pair of clean jammies of his to spit up on… 🙂




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