Just Another Day in the U.P.

Just another wintery day here for us.  James and I ran a couple errands today…took a box of things to the consignment store and found out I had $7.50 in my account from like 2 years ago which was exciting, and then ran to the store for some groceries.  Tomorrow we will get gas and maybe get the car washed and possibly go to the dump.  I wanted to do at least the car wash and gas station today but we had reached the end of James’ awake and happy period and he needed to go home for a snack, a nap and some downtime!

It’s snowing again… in fact, I took these about two hours ago and it’s way worse now! Bummer!






If this was December I would think it was pretty and kind of fun…especially next December because we will have an almost-toddler who can play in it for the first time.  This at the end of March… there are no words to describe. Or at least no words appropriate for my blog! 🙂


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