Pantry and James Pictures

One bad side effect of remodeling the mudroom was that a lot of the weird stuff I didn’t know what to do with….ended up in the pantry! So today it was bugging me and I decided after James went to bed I would clear it out and organize it a little bit.  Plus, it needed a good sweeping and the shelves needed to be dusted and gone through too.


These are some before pictures, unorganized shelves and stuff all over.  It’s pretty bad, but it was worse…


When I remember to take a photo I had already taken all of this out of the room…


I did manage to get rid of a couple garbage bags of stuff. An old bread machine I lost a part to and now the thing is way outdated so I just chucked it, our old blender is in the consignment pile, a bunch of the packing materials I was saving I decided to throw away, a few of our spices were outdated and things like that.


My after…. from the pictures it doesn’t really look that much better but it is! All the shelves are clean and the floor is swept.  I added another set of shelves that used to be in the mudroom but now are being put to use in the pantry.  The shelves are reorganized again and there is more floor space to move around.  I didn’t really clean the way left side of the room, it is stacked with egg cartons (a lot of egg cartons) and a ton of empty milk jug bottoms (for seed starting if it ever warms up) and a few other things I don’t feel like finding a home for right now.  So mostly, I did the shelves… but it’s still better than it was.  I feel accomplished!



And here are a few recent pictures of James if anybody hasn’t had enough of them yet!


James and I yesterday. We were about to go get ready for the day. He spit milk up all over me a few seconds later 🙂


James tasting broccoli for the first time yesterday.



James at an indoor play place today checking out all the handsome babies who were looking at him 🙂 He was pretty interested… there was so many of both of us! The picture below has something weird on his eye but I have absolutely no idea what that is because there was nothing actually on his eye! All I can figure is maybe it was on the glass or something because it looks so weird but that is not really his eye!


WP_001923James sampling some strawberries mixed with a bit of rice cereal today to make it a bit easier to eat! I think beans are still his favourite.  He wasn’t too sure about the strawberries at first but ended up eating like 5 of them (minus what he smeared on himself of course) so I guess he decided they were tasty!


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