Empty Shelves

Happy Saturday today!  We had a nice low-key day.  Joe grilled us pork chops and I made us macaroni and cheese for brunch while James took his morning nap and then after his second nap of the day the three of us went out to Joe’s work quick and then a local grocery store to pick up a few things for supper.  We decided to make deep-fried cheese curds and then bought a sweet potato and a giant spicy pickle to fry too (along with an onion we already had at home).  Plus, we bought spinach for salad but I totally forgot to get that out so we didn’t have that tonight! We also got a few other groceries but noticed most of the shelves were incredibly empty.  A couple of things we wanted to buy they didn’t even have! Normally we go to Houghton and Wal-Mart or a store called Econo Foods for groceries and between the two we can almost always find what we want and then we occasionally fill in gaps from other local stores but today we went up to Calumet because it was closer! I asked one of my friends what’s up because her husband delivers bread there and they live nearby and she said it was a distributor problem… hopefully they get that figured out because it’s a brand new store and they are going to lose a lot of business if there is nothing on the shelves!  I was there a few weeks ago and noticed a lot of empty spaces too but I was there at like 7am so I figured they hadn’t had a chance to restock from the day before or something and today the shelves were even worse!





Definitely not good for business!  I think if I was them I’d go shopping at Wal-Mart for at least something to put on the shelves 🙂

And here is a photo of James tonight enjoying his store/free real baby food.  It was spinach, mango and pear.  It looked pretty darn gross but he seemed pleased with it! I tried to pour some on his tray to dip his hands in but he decided he basically wanted to suck it right out of the package as if it was a bottle so that’s how he ate most of it.  He ate almost an entire bag but we saved maybe 1/3 of it for tomorrow once he was finished! Afterwards it was immediately time for a bath and then I got it all over me too and had to change.  He rubbed the stuff all over himself in the process but approved of the taste despite the ugly colour!



In other James news he still really wants to crawl but hasn’t made too much headway in getting anywhere forward.  He can turn himself in a circle though if there is a toy within reach but off to one side!  He is also developing an interest in things above him.  Yesterday Joe found him on his belly/up on his elbows underneath his mobile trying to reach for it and I found him today he had turned himself 180 degree around and had fallen fast asleep under the mobile too… I can online assume he spent some time trying to reach for it again before he fell asleep! Once he woke up from his nap I turned the mobile on and lifted him up so he could reach for it and grab things… I feel bad for the poor guy that he wanted it so bad and never could get it! So we spent some time capturing and releasing jungle animals 🙂


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