Karma and Mud Room Pictures

Happy second day of spring! It’s snowing here in the U.P and this morning when I went to feed my chickens at like 10:30 our thermometer said 11 degrees.  Last year the snow was getting very melty right now and our basement was about to flood.  This year, at this rate, our basement won’t flood but we may never see real spring either!

Today was a fun day because I got a badly needed haircut.  Joe got a haircut last week because he badly needed one too and then today he came home for a couple hours during lunch to watch James for me so I could go to town and get my own haircut done.  I think it went pretty well, I had a good time and I am so thankful to have my hair trimmed and styled. Thank goodness. Plus, James was pretty good for Joe too! I tried to have him all fed and changed and napped before I left and I tried to explain to him that he  needed to be nice to his daddy and not do anything too crazy weird and I think overall he was pretty agreeable! I totally failed on the nap part though and when Joe got home Cora barked like crazy and made the baby cry (the barking would have been fine, but Cora startled me so I jumped and startled James and he cried for a couple minutes) so Joe didn’t get the happiest baby to start with but he managed to get him to take a 40 minute nap, then they tried some apple and played and read books and hung out until I got home!

This afternoon James and I didn’t do too much… just sort of hung out and played and now he is in bed a little bit early.  He was falling asleep in my arms a little while ago so I just skipped his bath and got him in some jammies and tucked him inside.  I offered him some more apple this evening and it didn’t really seem like he enjoyed it much.  I didn’t cook it as much as I should have though so I think it might have been a bit too hard for him and it wasn’t sticky so it was hard to eat and he kept puckering his lips so I wonder if it was a little sour.  We’ll try apples again but I think I will make him some applesauce that will be easier for him to get his hands in and eat. Who would have thought our son prefers kidney beans to apples??

And speaking of baby food…  I should know by now that every time I say something judgmental or picky or something in the way of ‘oh I never get sick’ or ‘oh I rarely get sick’… whatever I’m talking about happens to me.  I do rarely get sick…I think I have been sick maybe 3 times in the past several years and it seems like it always happens right after I tell someone I rarely/never get sick.  And I don’t know how many times I say something…and then it happens to me, or I do the same thing I just complained about! You’d think I would learn by now to keep my mouth shut! 🙂  Today in the mail, not two days after I complain about the baby food market, I get baby food samples in the mail! Of course! And, am I going to feed them to my baby? Of course! I’m thankful for getting them for free and I don’t want to waste them.  Will I buy a ton more and switch to jars and bags of food? No…. I’m still going to give him mostly mashed real foods but it won’t kill him to have something else once in awhile either.  And, I still don’t plan on spoon feeding him with this either. I’m going to put it in his tray, puree and all, and let him squish it and lick it and smush it and eat it as he wants to! I did let him pick out his own spoons at Wal-Mart yesterday though so I might pre-load a few of those and let him eat it if he wants to if he needs a bit of help… but I’m not going to force him or shove it in his mouth without him having a say! I want him to think food is fun and enjoyable and let him try it on his own even if it does come premade 🙂


And of course, not only are they premade baby food, they are the weird mixes that I complained about too! We’ll try them though, they won’t hurt him and maybe he will enjoy them! I guess that’s the most important thing… that he should enjoy his food and be excited to try new things.  If nothing else I’m sure he will enjoy smearing them on his face and Cora might even like cleaning up the bits off the floor too (she loves beans too and volunteered to clear off the highchair tray both times he had beans).

Here are some updated photos of the mudroom I have been working on too! It’s not finished yet, it will probably still be a couple of weeks but I am getting closer. I didn’t realize home improvement projects take so much longer with a baby around 🙂

WP_001870Right now the coats are still going on the sauna door but eventually there will be a coat rack on the wall.  I put all the unfortunate stuff that I didn’t want in the mudroom but have no homes into the sauna, pantry and basement… roughly where I’d like to keep them, but now I have to organize those three spots to make them better too with the additional stuff!

WP_001871I even attempted to be all fancy and paint details on the pantry and sauna doors.  I kind of like how they turned out, using wall colour for some of the panels instead of having huge white doors.  Not too sure white trim in a mudroom is really ideal but it was already white and I just repainted it to make it look cleaner.  I guess I can keep repainting every year or two to freshen it if I need to, trim really isn’t that difficult.


WP_001872The rabbit moved over to the opposite wall from where he was and there will be a calender/bulletin board above/to the left of his cage there.  I tried to hang it up but the sticky stuff didn’t stick because it was already used from before, and maybe because of the fresh paint.  I’ll either get new sticky tape or use nails.  The vacuum clearly doesn’t live there either.  I just vacuumed today for the first time in over 2 weeks. You have probably never seen someone so happy to vacuum! Disgusting! Normally I vacuum every day or two but my vacuum needed a new belt, which we can’t buy at Wal-Mart anymore because the vacuum isn’t made. So we tried a Dirt Devil belt and it semi-worked for a couple days but just wasn’t cutting it.  So I ordered the correct Bissell belt from Amazon and it took over a week to get here.  Then I spent a day thinking the belt was too small but finally tried to shove it on there and I did get it to stretch and fit but then the motor switch that turns the belt and rotates the brush didn’t work so finally last night Joe took a look at it, opened it up, fixed the switch, reinstalled the belt and now it works! Thank goodness! I vacuumed the baby’s room right away this morning and then worked my way through the house!


WP_001873I painted our bench white too, it was stained before but all scratched and funny looking.  I’d like to make a bigger bench for the room someday but for now I’ll use the one I have.  Above the bench there will be a coat rack and to the right of the bench I’d like a shorter coat rack on the wall for kids so they can reach their own coats etc.

WP_001875We found an ox yoke at the consignment store and are going to use that for the coat rack!

WP_001877The door got painted too.  It was really ugly so I painted it the wall colour and did the trim in white.  The trim is some weird fiber glass material and it was a gross yellow. This isn’t exciting but it looks a lot better anyways!  I still need to finish the ceiling, make a cushion for the bench, finish organizing the rest of the furniture etc. and we have to get the coat rack up too.


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