Kidney Beans

I always thought pictures of kids eating food when they were all messy was super gross!  Who wants to see some kid with food all over his face? Ha… I get it now! It’s totally cute when its my kid.  James has now ‘officially’ had kidney beans twice, banana twice, avocado once and carrot once.  Unofficially he has sampled a few other things but those 4 are the foods he has actually gotten a bunch of and really eaten.  So far I think the kidney beans are the winner with avocado following as a close second!  He did not get any solid food yesterday but today I fed him his second batch of kidney beans (he seriously ate like 20 of them) and I plucked out some carrots from the soup we had for supper last night and mashed those up for him as well.  He seemed to like the carrots, but man, get out of the way when that kid sees beans! Joe cooked beans Sunday night, just plain unseasoned kidney beans…and I mashed them with a bit of water and he loved them!

So for anybody who doesn’t really know our baby these are those pictures… the gross ones of some kid with beans on his face 🙂 And there are a lot of them.  And you can probably believe… I’m only posting the good ones, there are twice as many.  I’m pretty sure no mother has ever taken 13 pictures on the same night of her baby eating beans and carrots until now!  He really likes beans!


Most of his beans (and carrot) were eaten by hand. These were taken after most of the food was gone because I was rolling and frying tortillas on the griddle while he was helping himself and watching me.



Once I was finished with the tortillas I got out a spoon and sort of preloaded it and let him do what he wanted with it.  He got it into his mouth several times but prefers it to be upside down so the top of the spoon is face down on his tongue and he can suck on the food that way. Other times I held the spoon out for him and instead of grabbing it he just grabbed the food off of it and stuck that in his mouth instead.



He really wants to get ahold of the fork when I am mashing stuff in his tray but I think a fork is a bit too dangerous yet with his lack of motor skills, especially a sharp, jabby adult fork.  I do not want a sharp fork poking him in the eye or something! For now we’ll stick with his hands and an occasional spoon if he wants!

WP_001859I was smart this time and just put him in his diaper to eat instead of letting his shirts get filthy.  They always come clean but it’s gross to pull a onesie off over his head when its caked in food.  This time I just wiped him down a bit and then we went upstairs, had a bath, got into jammies and then played until Joe came home.  Then the three of us played a bit more before it was time for some milk and bedtime!

Tomorrow James and I are going out to lunch with some of my friends.  There will be 4 adults and 3 kids… but the kids are all very young.  There’s James and then there is a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old.  Should be interesting!  Depending on how James is feeling we may also drop off a box of stuff at the consignment store and then we need to buy some stamps too and on our way home we’re going to bring Joe some lunch to his work.  Friday I am getting my hair cut and I cannot wait! Joe got his cut last week so we’ll both be all set for awhile then.  We used to go together and the first time we got our haircut after James was born we both went too so our lady could see the baby etc.  but now he is pretty active and has a short attention span so I definitely can’t take him by myself and we decided it might be easier to just go seperate and take turns watching him.  So Friday Joe is going to run home from work quick during lunch to stay with James while I run to town for my hair cut!


2 thoughts on “Kidney Beans

  1. Great pictures! Joe started with a little rice cereal when he was 4 mo. And exhibited an amazingly similar eating style with his other first solids- lots of food on the forehead…

    • I haven’t tried cereal really yet except I let him lick my finger with oatmeal on it once. I bet he would like rice cereal! We like, and eat a lot of, rice here so I wonder if he would recognize the taste of it. I should pick some up and see if he likes it. That’s one thing that would be way easier just to get in the baby section I think.. I’m guessing they just grind up rice to make it smoother maybe? But that sounds like a lot of work and I bet the baby rice cereals are fortified better too anyways. I’m going to add that to my list and see if he likes it!

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