4 months!

Sorry it has been almost a week since I’ve updated!  I started that mudroom painting last Friday and I’ve been trying to work on it in my spare moments since.  I totally trashed the room and nothing is organized and we can’t make our way through… so it’s important I finish it, but I’m still going! Hopefully tomorrow or over the weekend I can get most of the painting done so I can put furniture against the walls and make it more livable.

James has also been having some ‘rough’ nights the past few nights!  He is going through something whether it’s a mental or physical growth spurt I don’t know but he is just 4 months today and the past few nights he has been getting me up every hour or two and his 8-10 or even 12 hour stretch is non-existant…3 is the new max norm for right now! I think it must be a combination of growth according to most sites…they hit a physically spurt around now as well as a mental/emotional one and I know he really, really wants to crawl so maybe that’s on his mind… he did a similar sleep thing when he was learning to roll over! So we’ve had several very tired days around here because naps have been rough too.  I think the only reason I have a moment now is that he had a busy morning and then got some shots this afternoon so he hasn’t had a good nap all day and he is upstairs quiet right now… which means either he is zonked out asleep, or he has his feet in the air and is trying to pull his socks off 🙂


Above: James in his crib thinking about crawling (and not napping)  Below: James and Joe playing one night on the floor.  I was in the rocking chair watching them until I fell asleep!




At 4 months James weighs 17lb, is 26.25 inches long and his head measured 16.75 inches but somehow I think his head measurement wasn’t right because it seems like he has a very large head… if a shirt doesn’t have either the onesie style neck or snaps I can’t get it onto his head without forcing it which I won’t do… and it seems like if he has a small head then real 6 month olds with bigger heads wouldn’t fit in those shirts either.  I guess I could get my own tape measure out to double check but whatever…he was healthy so that’s good! He also got two shots in his leg which he did not like, and one vaccine orally which he wasn’t too sure about! And the doctor gave him a perfect bill of health… he’s just perfect in size and development and everything… so we are good to go for two more months!




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