Today I decided to paint our mudroom.  I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and it was in major need of a paint job.  The walls were a light colour, kind of off white but there were tons of scuff marks and stains and scrapes and it looked pretty bad.  I want to put up a coat rack and make a nice bench for the room to make it look nicer and function more as an entry way/real mudroom rather than a catch all for junk but I figured I might as well paint before I start putting things on the wall!

So! When the baby went down for his first nap I pulled out all the old paint we had and set to work mixing myself up a custom colour in a big bucket.  I really didn’t care about the exact colour as long as it was something reasonably neutral that wouldn’t look awful.  I wanted to be sure I had enough paint so I mixed a whole bunch of partial cans, 7 to be exact! There was a tiny bit of gray, some khaki, a couple versions of white and off-white and even a light green that I put in there too.  I was pretty proud of myself for using up 7 cans of paint and not wasting them and getting them out of the way! All we have left are two different blues, one from the baby’s room and one from the trim on our house.  The trim outside isn’t done so I left that paint alone and I’m assuming at some point the baby will get a hold of crayons or lipstick or finger paint and I will probably need to touch up the paint in his room 🙂 So I left that alone as well.


The colour came out a sort of grey-brown colour and I think it will look extra nice once I repaint the trim to a new bright white.  The carpet is deep red so it works. The bunny kept me company all day!  I tried to get James to keep me company for a bit while he was awake but that lasted all of 30 seconds before we had to stop because he was fidgety in his high chair.  So we spent tons of time playing upstairs while he was awake and then when he napped I came back down to do some more painting.  It worked!


I painted all day during naps and then once the baby went to bed I spent over 3 more hours finishing the wall colour.  I should have started with the trim but I didn’t have enough of any one white to paint all of the trim and the ceiling, and the wall colour is way more fun, so I will do the trim over the next few days once I can purchase a gallon of white.  I think tomorrow I am going to go to the building supply store too and see how many boards are to make the coat racks I want and a bench too for under them. Hopefully not too much, how much could four 8 foot boards cost plus a few screws, hooks and probably wall anchors? Can’t be that much! But we’ll see…Joe and/or James might have different plans for tomorrow for us instead.



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