Thanks Snow Plow!

It was a bright, sunny day out today… still cold, but nice looking anyways and a bit warmer than it has been.  The county decided to clear the snow banks on our road today too. I saw them working this morning and early afternoon and Joe said they were working further up the road and apparently leaving snow banks and piles haphazardly all over the road on his way to work.  Perfect thing to do at 7:30 when everybody is heading to work!

Then, to make it worse I went out this afternoon to take Cora for a walk at like 3:30 and I noticed the end of our driveway was just blasted with big ice chunks! The machine thing didn’t even stop when it went past the driveways and covered all of them in big banks of thick, icy snow.  Awesome!  I shoveled for an hour and made a width for Joe to get the car in. I figured it would take me another day or two of nap times to finish the rest.  I was/am tempted to email the road commission and complain, although they did finally come and clear off a bit of it around 5:30 or 6. Which was a pretty useless time since I had already shoveled enough to get Joe in the driveway and they left the entire section by the mail box so the mailman still won’t come and I still have to shovel.  I’m guessing they sent the big snow blower machine out and then followed behind trying to fix driveways and just didn’t get to our end of the road until late tonight.  They are lucky I wasn’t out with the baby… I would have been very angry if I had come home to find that I couldn’t even get our 4wheel drive car into the driveway and then had to park across the highway and carry my baby and groceries up our hill trying to avoid ice and traffic… if that had been the case I would have shot off an email right away!


And to make it even better… Not only did they leave an excessive pile of snow they also ripped out our neighbors newspaper box up the road and left the 4-5ft, mangled, bent pole in the middle of our driveway.  So if Joe had come home in the dark, there is a good chance he would have driven right into it (if he decided to even try and get over the bank) and done some damage to our new car.


So now I’m not sure if I will actually email them to complain or not, since they did eventually try to fix our driveway but we’ll see. I hate to complain, I know they are probably over worked with all the snow we’ve had this winter… but that was a ridiculous amount of snow they just left there!

And after that… here is a James picture of the day! He is all dressed up in his camouflage outfit that our across the street neighbors gave him (he will be 4 months next week and this outfit is 6-9 months!).  He was just overcoming a little moment of grouchiness because his diaper leaked and he needed an outfit change 🙂 I thought this outfit would be too big but we decided to try it and came out cute! We aren’t a family of hunters at all but it was sweet of our neighbors to give him this outfit and it’s nice and cozy! He might have to wear this to his 4 month appointment next week.



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