James and Daddy

Just a couple of quick pictures tonight!  We had a nice weekend around here! Joe was home all weekend with us except for a couple hours last night and tonight when he went out to see a couple of friends who came to town just for the weekend to go snowmobiling.  He had lots of playtime with James and we even got a short family nap today (until James woke up squealing!).  Joe made us tasty chicken meatballs last night, I will try to get his picture of them and describe them better tomorrow, and tonight he made us shrimp fried rice.  The only bummer was it was frigid outside so we couldn’t go outside or anything like that! -10 for most of the day today, Brrr is an understatement!

I can’t wait for warmer weather so we can all take family walks on the trails and show James the play ground and grass and Lake Superior and so Cora can get some much needed and missed exercise.  A new week tomorrow… I’ll be here inside dreaming of warm!  This week I think I might paint our mudroom (it sounds like a good idea but I don’t know that I will be so ambitious or not) and I have a couple crafts I wouldn’t mind starting if I can get the supplies for them.  Joe has an event at his work that he is a judge for and James is just going to keep on learning and growing steadily like he has been… 4 month appointment is coming up in about a week and a half.  More shots and I’ll get to see how big he is grown.  I got the measuring tape out the other day trying to measure him but he squirms a lot so I’ll wait until his appointment and get my update then!





IMG_0465And a bonus of our other baby who was relaxing in her chair.  Cora will be 4 years old within a few days of James turning 6 months…. time flies!


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