Hibernating, Food and Babies

Just incase anybody doesn’t believe we have a ridiculous amount of snow here you go… and as an added bonus, this morning it was -20 actual temperature (not wind chill).  We may never see spring.

IMG_00000375I was debating taking Joe to work this morning so I could have the car and then decided against it.  I was perfectly happy with that decision too once he took this photo of the car temperature gauge! I’ll pass!

IMG_0441My chicken coop is so full of snow the door doesn’t even shut. And the chickens are cold. They can’t wait for spring! Although even when spring does get here, it will be awhile before their yard isn’t disgusting.

IMG_0444Here’s the barn.  If you could get up onto the snow bank, you could basically look right into the loft without having to go upstairs.  I’m kind of tempted except the bank is so darn high.  I did see a red squirrel run inside there today, hopefully they are staying warm!

IMG_0447Cora actually likes this weather.  Something is wrong with her. She is chasing a pine cone in this picture.  Don’t even ask me where she found a pine cone… I have no idea.

IMG_0448Can you see the door into the pole barn? No? Me either. But that dark section on the top left, that’s a ‘window’. The pole barn isn’t two full stories but it’s got to be close!

IMG_0449Yep…there’s some more snow. Do I sound depressed yet? More exciting pictures are coming I swear!

IMG_0451See this snow? This is all the snow that will soon be flooding our basement. And it’s going to be a doozy. We’re just hoping to clear out the basement before it floods so stuff doesn’t get gross.

IMG_0452Now for some fun pictures of the day! We used some mustard greens in a recipe the other day, and in order to save the rest and not waste them (not that anything gets really wasted, the chickens would get it otherwise) I dehydrated them today and saved them to add to soup later.

IMG_0453Yesterday Joe made some homemade chilli oil.  We haven’t tried it yet but it looks really good! I’ll keep you updated on this…

IMG_0454We also had some leftover cilantro.  Cilantro doesn’t dry well but I did use a tiny bit of olive oil and turned it into a pesto and then froze it in individual cups to put into recipes later.

IMG_0456Each cup has 3-4 Tablespoonsful of cilantro. It won’t be good for garnish but if we made soup, or even guacamole, we can stir one of these in and get the cilantro flavour. Mmm.

IMG_0459My little jar of dehydrated mustard greens. Now we just have to remember to use them!

And for some daily baby photos here is James playing in his room! I tried so hard to get him to nap in my arms this afternoon so I could snuggle him and nap too but no such luck…he wasn’t having any of it.  Finally he got so mad at me I just put him in his crib and he fell right asleep! Bummer! Our baby wants to nap on his own now but has recently decided he wants to sleep by me starting at 5:30 in the morning…the last few nights he has woken me up at 5:30 like clockwork and he doesn’t particularly want to eat… he just wants me to snuggle him back to sleep so he can sleep in my arms while I’m awake! I wish I knew what he thinks of in his head… I bet it would be super interesting!

WP_001721Here mom, want to see my feet?  He was wearing pants for most of the day but this afternoon we decided pants were overrated.  He lost the socks shortly after too since it was almost bath time anyways.

WP_001729Just hanging out with his doggy friend.  He is fascinated by the cats too.  Ocean lets him (basically encourages him!) to pet her anytime she can, Chloe is tolerant but mostly just wanted to sit under his crib or in his glider, and Pinga wants to sniff him but only if he makes no move to touch her! And Cora loves him but that’s largely because she enjoys drool and spitup and poop but she also likes to sit near him too and doesn’t bat an eye at his squawks or cries and squeals (and he was doing all of the above in this photo!).


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