Living Room Cupboards and a Silly Baby

When my mom was up we put together one cupboard for our living room and then had to wait for a second one to arrive in the store because they were out but had ordered some.  So it finally came in a couple of days ago but then we were having a blizzard and neither of us wanted to go out and get it, and Friday afternoon the store itself closed because of the weather, so we just got it yesterday evening and I had a chance during nap times today to put it together.  Now all of our books are pretty much back onto shelves either upstairs or down here in the cupboards.  Last fall I collapsed our original bookshelf and then boxed up the books where they sat for several months so it’s nice to have them out and available again.  I forgot we even had some of those books!


I think they turned out pretty nice (and will look even nicer when the wall is finished) and as an added bonus I could put a baby cabinet lock on these things to keep James from yanking all the books out! 🙂 And it makes the room look less cluttered. I do not like clutter and I’ve been on a mission since last October to get rid of stuff. I swear every time I feel like I made a dent in our stuff I find even more stuff that I could get rid of! It must multiply when I’m not looking.  And we’ve only been in this house for about 5 years now, I don’t even want to know what 30 years would look like!


And here are a couple photos of James from earlier! He definitely learned he has feet today. We’ve been showing them to him lately but he never really cared about them.  Today I peeked in on him when I thought he was napping and there he was wide awake quietly contemplating his feet in his crib.  He spent much of the rest of the day’s playtime checking out his feet too.  He can reach out and touch them and tries to grab them, but he doesn’t know to bed his knees yet so he can get them into his mouth.


He has been loving blankets lately too.  Don’t worry, I was right by him here in the bathroom and I removed the blanket from his head right away.  He was having fun laying on it and pulling it over him and then flinging it off and then rolling onto it and bring it with him and then somehow he got himself all covered in it and he did not seem to mind…he was having a good time just being silly.  He was supposed to be laying on the blanket and playing with his other toys… today a raccoon that he loves and a big Thomas the Train stuffed animal thing but he ignored those just so he could play with the blanket.  This is probably a good lesson in why babies don’t get blankets in their cribs though!


Here he is checking out his toys in his room.  I laid him down in the middle and he really wanted those three toys he is looking at, but he accidentally rolled himself the wrong way and then was too far away to get them! He’s not good at rolling the way he was supposed to to get them (I was trying to trick him into trying it).  Eventually he will get it!

This afternoon James and I had a super nice nap on the couch together then and I rested my neck. Not sure what I did to it but it’s definitely painful.  Joe is a little bit sick again too.  This winter hasn’t been the best for us! 🙂 After work Joe picked us up and we all went grocery shopping and then I came home to put James to bed, put groceries away and feed the chickens and Joe came home to plow around the mail box so the mailman will come and now he is making us a tasty supper! Then it will be a little bit of T.V. and bed!


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