Sauna Makeover Part 2

I don’t know if I mentioned that Joe got sick during his business trip last week.  He got flu-like symptoms and got stuck in his hotel room for a day really ill.  He managed to make it through the rest of the week going to work although he still didn’t feel too hot for a day or two.  Somehow yesterday and the night before yesterday I didn’t feel so hot myself.  Luckily today I am back to normal too and so far the baby hasn’t gotten sick.  He should be pretty well protected with antibodies from me. Maybe we are both covered now for the rest of the year and neither of us will catch anything else!


Today I’m trying out a whole new sort of routine with the baby that is more structured to see if it goes better with naps, playtime and house projects etc. I also read yesterday that T.V. can be harmful to such little kids.  I knew it wasn’t really beneficial, but I didn’t know that studies are now suggesting it can actually harm their language development and even concentration and focus later on in childhood/life.  Who knew?  Although the research isn’t totally clear on whether it’s the flashing, fast, bright, loud noises and sounds (that they aren’t capable of processing yet), or if it’s the distraction from normal play, or if it’s because T.V. means their parents are often less engaged with them, or for some other reason not yet defined.  And we do spend a lot of time downstairs with the T.V. on.  Not all the time, sometimes we play upstairs in his room too, but oftentimes we are downstairs and he will play in his jumper or we will play on the floor together and the T.V. is always on in the background.  But apparently even background T.V. can be distracting for kids…and it does catch his attention and if he can see it he will be drawn to it, even at only 3 months!  So today, new schedule, no T.V., although I do think it is pretty unrealistic that he will never see or be around T.V. while he is a baby, but at least during the week I can limit it and make sure he get lots of baby play time and hearing books and real voices and seeing things that are within his understanding.


So far it has gone reasonably well.  The first 5 hours went pretty perfectly and during his 2+ hour morning nap I got 4 loads of laundry finished, all the animals fed plus the caged ones got fully cleaned and I got all the trash changed and ready to go out tomorrow, plus I got a shower, Cora went for a walk and I had a snack.  Bonus.  Then when he woke up we stayed upstairs to eat and play in his room until he was ready for another nap.  That is when the schedule sort of went downhill because he was awake for less than an hour and a half and then napped for about an hour… I thought he would be awake longer but he was sleepy and went right down early but then didn’t sleep as long as I expected either.  Then he was up for awhile and once he started yawning again I tried to settle him down for a third nap but this one he fought a bit although he finally got another hour of sort of sleep in there too.  Now he is awake (although slightly cranky because his last nap was off and on and not great sleep) for the evening until bedtime and we’re playing downstairs (with the T.V. still off, although I did turn it on for a half an hour while I ate lunch and he was napping… I think that’s fair, I’m a big person so I get to do that if I want to!) I’m going to keep trying my schedule for a few days and then see if I need to adjust it a bit to what works better for him! I think he might need more naps and shorter awake times if I can catch him before he gets too tired and fights me on it. 

This afternoon during his third nap I decided to get a bit of work done on the sauna…

Don’t mind that Part 1 (click through for pictures) took place in 2010!  If you go look to see how I left it… well that’s exactly how it stayed for about three years! I didn’t touch it or go in it again until after the baby was born! We’ve been talking about turning it into a spot for Cora, and now I think if I could get the treadmill through the door I might like that as a place to be able to run since there is nowhere else in the house it can go…or both! Or more, or something different! Anyways, the entry way into the sauna stayed exactly as I left it and the actual sauna I never even went into in 2010, but I did after the baby was born…very carefully and with the vacuum wand held in front of me! So now for the past couple of months it has been storage and has been relatively clean and spider free and now I’ve finally decided I want to work on it again.  Today I removed the sauna benches and created a nice open space. Next will be removing the old stove somehow.  Then I can sweep good and paint the walls a bright colour to make it cleaner and nicer in there. After that I think some floor mats are in order and I will need to finish painting the outer room as well.



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