Joe Comes Home

Last week (early Sunday morning until late Saturday night) Joe was out of town for work.  I never post when he is out of town because that’s creepy but James and I spent the week mostly by ourselves (although my mom came to visit for a couple days at the beginning of the week).  It was a long week for all of us but we made it! I think Cora was beginning to think Joe might never come back! 🙂  Saturday he was supposed to come in on the early afternoon plane, after traveling overnight to get back to us.  His plane made it all the way to Hancock and circled and circled and they decided it was too snowy to land so they flew all the way back to Chicago and made everybody rebook and scramble to find other ways back to Hancock.  James and I had been waiting at the airport for an hour already by the time the plane decided it couldn’t land and we were so disappointed!  Luckily Joe was one of the very few on the plane that managed to get seats on the following plane! I don’t know what everybody else did, they either drove the 8-9 hours or waited for the two planes the next day.  We were really glad he got a seat on the late night plane!

IMG_0436James and Curly Camel.  Curly was my camel when I was a baby.  We have a number of things for James that belonged to Joe and I as kids.  I should pull a bunch of stuff out and do a post with photos with them all! That might take some effort but it would probably be pretty cute so we’ll see!

I should have gotten a photo of Joe and James because I think they were both very happy to see each other but it was very late at night, almost 11pm and they visited with each other while we waited for the luggage to get unloaded and then we headed home and put James right back to bed and shortly thereafter headed to bed ourselves.  James was really good about it all since I had put him to bed at 7 and then woke him up a bit when I had to get him ready to go around 9:30.  He fell right back asleep in the car and stayed asleep in the airport until Joe got off the plane and then we gently woke him up briefly so he could say hello to his dad! He stayed awake for a little bit and then went right back to sleep in the car and then to bed when we got home again!

Yesterday we enjoyed a nice day here at home all together!


Joe got to come home just in time to see several more inches of snow fall and for him to have to go shovel some of our roofs off.  Cora loves the snow…out of almost 40 of us, she is the only one who loves the snow.  She was super curious as to how Joe got on the roof outside of her window!



Tomorrow Joe and I are getting our teeth cleaned.  We tend to do these things together… dentist appointments, hair cuts etc.  Somehow last fall when we got our teeth cleaned together we signed up for our next appointment together too not realizing that we would have a third someone who needed to come with us.  So I did call and switch our appointments to one after the other but that means James will have to be entertained in the dentist office for an hour to an hour and a half.  I am first which is good because I can feed him before we leave and then Joe shouldn’t need to worry about that and he can just play with the baby and occupy him and then when it’s Joe’s turn it will be getting close to nap time so I can take him and feed him if I need to and probably get him to fall asleep.  I’m crossing my fingers that all goes well … wish us luck and think good thoughts towards us tomorrow!


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