Painting for Valentine’s Day

James is practically all grown up now… he can roll over and now he sat in the cart for the first time like a big boy today!  I swear next week he will be going to school! He did need a lot of propping with my coat and his blankets but he much preferred this over sitting stuck in his car seat.  He really likes to look around and his car seat straps are already pretty tight and they are as loose as possible so I know it isn’t very comfy for him.  So for now, I think, anytime we get the chance I’ll try to take him out of his car seat and let him sit up or even if Joe is with us one of us could carry him so he could look around while we shop.  It makes him happier and if he is happy, we are happy, and everybody in the store is happy!

WP_001697In honour of Valentine’s Day he is wearing one of his red jackets and his shirt underneath has a little bear on it that says “I Love You” 🙂 Oh, and his cute socks are red too!

We made it to the dump, Tractor Supply, the gas station, Wal-Mart and out to lunch with some friends today.  Lunch was pushing it and was well past his nap time…and then the place was very slow and it took an hour and a half to get in and out.  He was such a trooper though and we made it home in time for a snack and then a 3 hour long nap.  Once he woke up we decided to do some painting (for the first time!) and make his daddy a Valentine’s Day card.




James also wore his red jammies for his nap today.  He seemed to enjoy the paint on his hands and was interested in that and then it was 50/50 whether he liked smearing the paper or grabbing his burp cloth/bib more.  He took the whole burp cloth off himself and kept crinkling it in his fingers with the paint all over.  Surprisingly he got very little paint in his mouth (yes, it’s obviously non-toxic and I was right there making sure he didn’t eat a ton!) although he did smear it up his arms and get some on his face too! I think he had fun, he was engaged and didn’t cry so I think that’s a success! And now he has a Valentine’s Day gift to give his dad!



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