Chalkboard Wall Art

So far today (It’s 3:30pm and I’m blogging very early compared to normal!) I am not a winner! Although, since it’s so early I do have some hope that my luck will go up this afternoon!  This morning actually started nicely, James (our big 3 month old boy today!) and I got up around 7 and then we took a nice long, 3 hour, nap together on the couch getting up again around noon!  But then it just went downhill…I managed to break the vacuum so now our floors will be disgusting for a couple of days until Joe can fix it.

IMG_0421Happy 3 months baby! We decided orange was a nice colour today!

Then I pissed the dog off by trying to give her a vinegar bath (it’s supposed to help skin conditions), but that just made her all riled up and mad at me.  I got her to forgive me by giving her a Kong toy full of a ridiculous amount of peanut butter… but now that peanut butter is sticky and smeared all over the kitchen floor!  Plus, she is still itchy and scratched open a big wound by her ear that I thought was healing nicely and got blood on her head.

And, we’ve been lucky lately, but it’s snowing again! I’m annoyed that there are several inches of new snow out there and it’s still coming down! I guess I shouldn’t complain on this one though since we haven’t had a lot of new snow in a week or two so we’re probably about due! But then I thought James might like to play with snow so I brought some in.  It was fine until he splashed some on his face and neck and cried.  Another fail!

IMG_0424He was curious and a bit skeptical until he got snow on his face, then he was just mad.  Don’t worry baby your parents don’t love snow either!

So now for the afternoon I made myself some vanilla coffee, James is napping in my lap, we’re going to watch Olympics, Cora is still eating her peanut  butter and we’re going to call it good for awhile! I’m going to pay some bills and share my chalkboard craft… which turned out nice and I’m counting as a win! 🙂 And with all of that maybe the afternoon will go uphill!

I was looking for something fun to make so I decided to use my chalkboard paint and some picture frames (I have a huge box of them!) to make some wall art.

IMG_0412The glass from the picture frames, no prep needed, just paint with chalkboard paint.  I followed directions from the can and did two coats.

IMG_04155 totally different frames.  I did rough them up a bit with sandpaper and then I used inside acrylic paint.  If it was summer and I could paint outside I would have used spray paint!

IMG_0416All finished and reassembled and drawn on with coloured chalk!


Hanging on the wall in his room.


IMG_0417Here is a test frame I made… I didn’t paint the frame just the glass and now I can hang it anywhere and use it to make lists on etc.




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