Roll Practice and Fabric Swatches

James only woke me up once last night to let me know he had rolled and was stuck and needed some help.  This was how I found him (when I put him to bed he was on his back with his head to the left and feet to the right), he had somehow rolled over onto his belly and then turned himself 90 degrees only to beach himself on his belly and flail around with his arms and legs.  He was not very happy!  We fixed him up pretty quick though with a snack and some kisses and then back to bed on his back again all cozy in his jammy sack.

He didn’t roll again all night and only woke me up once more to tell me he was hungry again and once after that (at 6:45am) to tell me he was pretty sure it was time to get up for the day but I checked on him and then let him stay in bed for a few minutes to see if he would go back to sleep again because I didn’t think it was time to get up for the day yet! Luckily he actually did fall back asleep but then unluckily my 93 year old friend called me abruptly at 7:30 to ask if I wanted to go out this morning! Of all the mornings for James to sleep in and I don’t get to! I was a bit grouchy (only in my head, not to Eleanor herself!) but we did go out and we had a bunch of fun with her anyways! It was nice to visit and James seems to like looking at her… she usually says little kids must be confused by all her wrinkles 🙂


After a nice nap this afternoon James and I read a bunch of books and then we came downstairs to do some work in the kitchen, painting for me (I will share tomorrow) and learning about textures and colours for James.  We used my bag of fabric that I made here and he seemed to like it more this time until he put a piece of red fabric in his mouth and got a string from the edge of it and that upset him.  Note to myself to get rid of the red fabric and not add any more fabrics that fray easily!  He especially liked a waffle weave yellow piece of fabric, it must feel neat to his hands and mouth.


The dark red stripey fabric in the front there was the offender that ruined his good time and the yellow waffle weave fabric is the one he is playing with in both pictures.



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