Chalkboard Paint and Super Baby

I’m enjoying a bit of quiet time tonight after James went to bed.  I got out my chalk board paint and everything and I’m working on a craft.  If it works well, I will post all about it in a day or two when everything is dry and put together.  If it’s crappy then you’ll either never hear of it again, or I will post fail pictures!

IMG_0412Those are the glasses from several old picture frames I have.  They need a second coat of paint in the morning and then I need to paint up the frames and assemble everything how I want it… I hope it doesn’t come out ugly! TBD…


Here is our super baby from this morning!  He looks terribly grumpy but he wasn’t, he just kept squinting at the flash.  And I know the combination of his pants and shirt are really horrific.  I fixed his pants like 10 minutes later and found some plain dark blue ones so his outfit didn’t hurt my eyes all day!  Or actually…half a day until there was a major diaper incident that required like 10 baby wipes and an entire outfit change socks included.

Last night James woke me up a good 4-5 times because every time he himself woke up, he decided he was super excited about rolling and needed to practice right now. So the first two times I woke up to him successfully having rolled from his back to his belly and he was up on his elbows looking around in the dark talking to himself.  The next few times I woke up he got himself stuck on his arm and needed help laying back down.  He wanted to be very sure I knew that he knows how to roll over now! 🙂  I tried to tell him that I know how to roll over too but I still go to sleep at night… he wasn’t impressed.  I have lost count now of the total and today while I was taking a shower he figured out how to roll over from his back to his belly and then over again back to his back.  He rolled halfway across the room to me and off his blanket and right onto the bathroom floor.  But he was pleased with himself!  I’m waiting to see how many times I get up tonight or if he will calm himself back down and either sleep on his belly or roll back to his back and fall back asleep…


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