James goes to Shopko

James made his first trip to Shopko today! Although, actually, he did go in once with me really quick to check for brewers yeast but that time we went straight to the pharmacy and I carried his car seat.  Today was the first time he went to Shopko and we tried to use a cart… and let me tell you, their carts are lame. At Wal-Mart you can fit the car seat in the cart and still get a few groceries in there too, Shopko you can hardly fit the car seat in the car… let alone any items at all!  Super disappointing because I like Shopko but the only way I can go there now is either with someone else and we each have a cart, one for the baby and one for stuff, or I carry his carrier which makes shopping a lot harder, or I try and take two carts by myself and look stupid, or I wait until he is old enough and can sit up unassisted in a cart.  So basically, sorry Shopko, our relationship is over for awhile!  Bummer! Plus, our cart had a weird wheel too.  Definitely needs some updating!


See? That is a disapproving stare if there ever was one… although it’s debatable whether it was over the small cart or the fact that I’m an awful mama and made him wear a hat (again).

In other news my mom is up visiting for a couple of days, and it was Joe’s brothers 9th birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Sam!).  James also rolled from his back to his belly for the first time today too!  He has been trying so hard for days now and today he did it! Luckily I had just moved and didn’t have my camera in hand and then I spent the next 12 minutes taking 20-60 second videos of him over and over trying to convince him to do it again and he tried, but he couldn’t manage a repeat!  So we now have three rolls from his belly to his back and one roll from his back to his belly, and several hours of video footage of him trying but never succeeding because I can never capture it on film!  He gets very upset too when he wants to try rolling and I will not let him, like on the changing table or in the bathtub.  I tell him no and put him back and he cries and turns bright red and gets angry with me! He also gets angry when he wants to roll, or crawl, but he can’t quite do what he thinks he’d like to.  He wants to crawl so bad but I think that’s a ways off and it frustrates him.  It has certainly been a rough few days to be a baby around here!

As always, it is still snowy and freezing cold here (like much of the rest of the country yet), but thankfully Lake Superior is mostly frozen over so our lake effect snow is almost non-existent right now.  I’m so glad because that means in the evenings and weekends Joe gets to spend a lot more time with us, and a lot less time with our plow!  Yesterday we had a really nice day at home, and running errands for awhile, all of us together as a family.  We spent the morning relaxing/watching T.V./napping for James/playing with toys etc. and then in the afternoon Joe and James went through the car wash while I ran into Wal-Mart for diapers and a few other things and then we had Taco Bell for lunch and made our own homemade Tacos for supper after James went to bed.  It was a great day and much needed after Joe’s super busy work schedule lately!


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