Snow Loads and Stubborn Elephants

Today I brought down a colourful quilt for James to lay on as a change of scenery.  We were using a green fleecy blanket but that is a bit boring and I thought the quilt would be nicer for him to look at.  So then we had some extra belly time today to use it. He had a lot of good practice trying to get all of his arms and legs to move together.  He tries so hard and he gets so mad when he can’t go where he wants to.  Today his elephant was pissing him off because it was just out of reach and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get to it, and no matter how much he squawked and demanded the elephant wouldn’t budge and come any closer either.  It was a double bummer for the baby 🙂


He still hasn’t successfully rolled over since the first two times he did it, although he can scoot and wiggle his way places on his back.  The other day I laid him on his blanket in the bathroom for my shower and when I peaked out to check on him he had squirmed his way 180 degrees from where I put him and by the time I was done showering he had wiggled his way back around again.  We’ll see how long it takes him to roll over good and/or to start crawling or scooting on his hands and knees or belly!


After James and I were finished on the floor Cora decided she needed a turn with belly time too.  She sniffed the elephant and I was sure she was going to mouth it because it’s nice and stuffy like some of her toys but she left it right alone and just took a nap by it!


We got a letter from our house insurance company today.  I was all excited hoping it was a random check (once in awhile we get them from the bank for our mortgage for some reason.. we must overpay occasionally and they refund us).  Sadly, there was no check, just a newsletter on the hazards of winter including snow loads.  Too little, too late though… we already learned this lesson firsthand.  The other two pieces of the newsletter were on ice dams and freezing pipes.  We also have ice dams and our neighbors across the road are having trouble with freezing pipes so we’ve got it all covered.  I said that we’re the reason the insurance company decided to send this out now!



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