Who’s that Baby?

Today was a good day around here, James was pretty sleepy so he took naps and then woke up happy and playful for a bit before he needed another nap…and he didn’t fight falling asleep at all (he must be growing!).  He even slept 12 hours last night and I checked on him twice but did not wake him up.  I called the doctor today and they told me as long as he keeps growing and gaining weight that I can let him sleep but if he starts to not gain weight right then I’ll have to wake him up to eat at night.  I’m tempted, for now, to feed him around 8 hours if I wake up to check on him anyways.

We played and I tried to do a bit of shoveling outside for Joe during nap times.  I made an orange lunch today because it sounded tasty… carrot sticks and sweet potato.  With ranch for the carrots and sriracha for my sweet potato.  It was good, I liked it. I should have bought more sweet potatoes… I only got two at the store!


Joe came home early from work today to play with us! He got to spend some time with James and even got some nice spit up all over him… thankfully it did not get in his mouth.  Then he headed out to finish shoveling and plowing and once he was done I got to go to the gym to try out my new running shoes!


These are a couple photos of James today.  He has started noticing the lights on his jumper and will watch them flash while they play music.  He was entertained by this for almost a half an hour today as long as I kept hitting buttons to make it play music.


Before bath mirror time… you can see him smiling at himself.  Just ask him who the baby is in the mirror and tell him how handsome the baby is and he smiles away.  He is so proud of himself 🙂





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