Baby James

It’s been more cold here, although the sun came out two days in a row now, and more normal winter inside the house sorts of things.  I wasn’t actually very good at doing any special projects this past week so I don’t have anything new or interesting to share!  I did try propping James in his high chair briefly since it seems like he wants to sit up and look around.  It lasted for about 5 minutes, but to be fair it was pretty much bedtime and he was already tired and wanted his bath, a snack and bed so it might not have been the high chair’s fault! Otherwise we’ve been playing a lot more the past few days…he seems to really want to play more now and isn’t as content to just sit with me.  I think he really noticed the dog for the first time yesterday too.  Several times we were trying to play and she would sit by us and all he would do is watch her and he would ignore whatever I was trying to show him.  He also really likes to check himself out in his mirror!


James playing with me on the floor yesterday morning.  I swear I really do put normal pants on! It’s just James sleeps in a sleep sack most of the time, so when he gets up for the day at like 7 or 7:30 I get him ready and dressed right away and then I eventually take a shower and get dressed a bit later!



A lot of our morning/early afternoon was spent doing this today!  I always think I should put him down and go do something, but he usually wakes up if I do that and I’ve been thinking how fast he is growing and how he won’t sleep in my arms forever… so now I’m more content to just sit and let him sleep and look at him instead. So, I guess I did get some important things done this week 🙂



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