The Good and the Bad

Well, here is the good from today! A happy, little, smiley baby (who refused to nap ALL day but was in a generally good mood the entire time anyways).  He smiles the majority of the time, especially if you’re talking to him and making silly faces or eating pieces of him like his nose, hands or feet.  He can giggle and today he turned his head when I moved to leave the room and he watched me go and then sat for a moment before he began to cry.




Here is the bad part of the day… one more joy of owning an old farm house.  A leaking ceiling.  Perfect.  Some of the damage is from the last time it leaked, the year we bought the house but before we moved in.  We knew it had leaked when we bought it and I thought it had been taken care of from the roof side (everything but the visible water damage on the ceiling), but apparently it wasn’t.  Now it is leaking again… hence the bucket on the floor. Add that to the list for the summer I guess!





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