New Clothes and Naps

James got a whole bunch of new clothes! A big box yesterday and then a couple more pairs of pants today and then he has one more outfit on the way too! Lucky boy!  Today was his 11 week birthday and he is pretty successfully wearing 6 month clothing.  Some of the arms and legs are a bit too long so I can roll them up a bit if I need to, but the body fits just fine!


James playing in his jumper this morning in one of his new outfits.  We decided socks were annoying so we took them off for awhile!



James played so hard, and Cora watched so hard that they both needed naps on the couch.  I think I am the only one in the house who did not nap today! Well Joe didn’t either but he was at work.  And I am about to make up for it by going to bed super early.  Cora is snuggling with the annoying socks we took off and James’ burp rag… Lucky dog!



James and one of his new pairs of pants, post-nap and outfit change.  Super cute too! Joe came home around this time and spent some time with us before he went out to supper with his clients! He also promised to take me out to supper next week for sushi 🙂 We got a gift certificate from the hospital when James was born and it can be used at dozens of local restaurants but my vote is to buy sushi with it and Joe didn’t say No so next Tuesday we get to go out for supper ourselves!

IMG_0366All of our hands!


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