Vitamins, Couch Cushions and Baby Game

Schools were closed around here again today.  It doesn’t really matter to me of course, but I’m guessing the kids are going to have some days to make up in the spring! It’s probably good I’m staying home with James because in a few years when he is school-aged the weather will probably be even more extreme and even if I was working, I would never make it to work with all these weather days!

Joe has clients in town this week now, which is why he has been working extreme hours lately, so today and tonight it was just me and James. We did lots of playing, James can grasp and hold a toy now most of the time when he tries.  I did some work in the chicken coop, I lost one chicken today, she was very old and I think she couldn’t handle this nasty cold very well. And I managed to wash the cushions from the couch.


I got some vitamins and electrolyte mix for the chickens over the weekend, hopefully it gives them a boost to get through this winter.


Cleaning couch cushions.  It’s been awhile sine I’ve taken the cushions off and vacuumed in the couch.  I did find myself two hair bands, a quarter, and a dog chew bone that Cora had hidden in the pillows.


Cora then spent most of the afternoon carrying the chew bone around the house trying to find a new hiding spot.  In this photo she was pacing back and forth around the living room for probably 10 minutes just trying to find a good spot.  She never did find one, I think right now it’s in the hallway upstairs.  I can’t remember the last time we bought her these chews either, so who knows how old the thing is.


Above: James and I played “Where did it Go??” I guess little babies can’t process that an item is still there even if they can’t see it. If they can’t see it anymore, they think it doesn’t exist. I think he is technically too young to learn this but we played it anyways for a bit. I showed him a toy and put it in the container, and then asked him where it went and then took it out and showed him.  I think it’s more of an activity for like toddlers and older babies but he seemed interested so we played for awhile! Kind of like playing peek-a-boo but with toys instead of faces!  When he gets older this container will transform itself and become an activity for hand-eye coordination but that won’t be for a long time yet! In the meantime I might put somethings in it to make it shake and make noise for him

Below: James grasping a toy and trying to get it into his mouth.  His muscle tone still isn’t super strong yet so he can’t hold a toy for very long and he only successfully grasps what he wants some of the time, but last week he couldn’t do it at all, so maybe by next week he will get it almost all of the time!



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