Fashionable Baby and Steak Salad

James decided to be pretty stylish today in his green and blue striped Ralph Lauren outfit.  He is so stylish and trendy.  Neither Joe nor I own anything even remotely close to Ralph Lauren but James got this outfit as a gift and he looks pretty cute in it! Too bad his socks didn’t match… his socks were leftover from his first outfit of the day which got ruined during naptime when his diaper leaked. There’s a chance he is colour blind though anyways, so he didn’t mind that his socks didn’t match!




Joe worked over 36 hours straight over the weekend… literally, as in not sleeping or anything! He did come home twice, once Sunday and once today for about an hour or so to go run errands with us and get a shower today but otherwise he was at work the entire time!  He also worked all day Saturday but then he was with us Saturday night.  Tonight he finally made it home around 7:15 or so and spent lots of time with James before his bath and bedtime and then he cooked us up steak while I got the veggies, bread and homemade baked beans ready and we had some nice supper together.  Now Joe is in bed asleep and I am on my way shortly after I finish some dishes and laundry quick. James slept 8 hours last night before I woke him up to eat so we will see how long he sleeps this evening!



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