Stormy Kromer

Bear with me for a few days… I’ve decided to switch my blog all around and it’s going to be messed up for a little bit until I straighten everything out! Hopefully it turns out nice… if not it’s going to be a bear to put back how it was! 🙂

I missed my post last night because Joe and I were out to supper with some friends and it was well after 10pm when we got home so we tucked James into bed and went to bed ourselves.  Since James had such a late bedtime his long stretch of sleep was entirely when I was sleeping and I got a full 8 hours of sleep, in a row, for the first time in like 8 or 9 months! It was amazing!

James got some gifts last night and one of them was a Stormy Kromer hat (click through the link if you want to learn more and/or find one for yourself!).  He looks adorable in it and let me stick it on him today while he was in his new swing so I could snap a couple of photos!  It has been so bitter cold still (-40’s with the wind chill) so I think I will stick to stuffing him into his full body, with hood, snow suit for now but once the spring comes around and it’s close to the 30’s and 40’s I’ll just give him a little coat or jacket and stick his Stormy Kromer hat on him for sure! He’ll be the most handsome baby in Dollar Bay when the trail clears and we go for walks!


His whole outfit is actually new in this picture… a new little raccoon onesie with a pair of black fleece pants and a little raccoon fleece vest.  Plus, some new John Deere Tractor socks! And the swing, he had never been in a swing until last night, we are borrowing for awhile while he still fits in it.  He seems to like it although it is low to the ground so I have to make sure no dog or cats bug him while he is in it.  Between his bassinet, Pack n’ Play, play jumper and now his swing (all in the kitchen and living room) he ought to be able to stay entertained for a few minutes if I need to set him down to fold some laundry or start supper.


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