Early Morning Shopping

James and I got up early today and dropped Joe off at work so we could go out and do some grocery shopping.  I offered to take my friend Eleanor out but she already had plans for the day so we went by ourselves.  Man 7am is very early now! A couple of years ago I was totally a morning person and enjoyed getting up early and running or drinking my coffee.  That dark time before the sun is up and everything is still sleepy… it was nice, and if I woke up really late I felt like I had missed the day! Then it turned into I could get up early but I kind of liked to sleep in.  When I was pregnant it was more of, I don’t want to get up early and I can sleep pretty much any time of the day! And now 8 seems early sometimes!  Usually James is ready to get up for the day around 7-7:30.  Once in awhile he will sleep in until 8 or 8:30 but then I am awake anyways because I figure he will be up any minute so I might as well get up and dressed etc. but I’m always wishing I could sleep in just a little bit longer! 10 might be nice 🙂  I’m guessing I won’t see 10am in bed anytime for the next like 10 years…

WP_001547James gnawing on my finger yesterday.  Everytime I held his hands he would maneuver my finger in his mouth, so I just gave it to him and he was happy and drooling like a mad man.

So anyways, we were up early… Up and dressed even! Because even if I am up at 7 with James it’s rare that I get dressed until lunchtime or later now unless I have someone coming over or I am going somewhere.  I tell myself I am saving wear and tear on my ‘going out’ clothes. We dropped Joe off at work and headed up to a local grocery store in Calumet where we picked up a few things and then we headed to Wal-Mart.  For some reason James doesn’t like when the cart stops moving, so it makes price checking and calculating a challenge, and he especially does not like Wal-Mart in any way, shape, or form.  I haven’t made it to Wal-Mart with him yet without him crying.  I’ve tried the blanket over him, the blanket off him, the blanket partially shading him but not all the way.  Nothing. He just hates Wal-mart.  I think it must give him bad memories or something.  So we got all of our groceries, but there was a bit of crying involved… and it was bitter cold out, so between the crying and the cold I’m sure I was getting nasty stares from people! I promise he is plenty warm though all snuggled in fleece and then a snow suit with a blanket and a warm car! And once he is in the car he falls right asleep, perfectly happy!

Once we got home we unpacked groceries and had some breakfast and snuggled for a bit.  Since I woke him up to go out early he fell asleep in my lap and then when I tried to get him to take his nap he refused because he had already slept off and on in the car and in my lap all morning.  So we were up and playing and then he would nap again and eat again off and on all day. By 3 I figured he probably wouldn’t take a real nap at all…so I did some chores inbetween playing and eating in the few moments he would let me set him down in his pack n play or bassinet.  He can only handle a few minutes on his own before he gets bored and pissed at me, even if he can see me, he wants to be held, fed or played with after that.  So that is what we spent most of the day doing! I did give him the opportunity to nap this evening but he didn’t take me up on it for very long!

WP_001552James sleeping in my lap.  Perfectly happy and sweet and peaceful just snoozing away.  Usually I will leave him in my arms if he sleeps like this because anytime I put him down he wakes up and wants me back anyways and then he is just angry with me for putting him down! I am going to need a different spot on the couch because I noticed yesterday that my normal spot is getting an indent of my behind on the pillow which is a bit embarrassing!  It’s my favourite spot to feed him though and he sleeps in my arms here.  We do spend lots of time playing on the floor and sometime upstairs in his room too with his toys there and we’ll read books in his chair up there… and I get stuff done around the house when he is either asleep or lets me set him down for a moment… but somehow I still spend plenty of time in my spot on the couch.

James had his normal bath and bedtime at 7:30 and afterwards I finished up supper and now I have been checking some stuff out online and waiting for Joe to get home (it’s 10:39 and he is still stuck at work!)  Thank goodness we picked Joe up after our shopping so he could bring us home again, otherwise we would have to pick him up yet tonight and it is getting late! My camera is holding out on me tonight, I think our wireless router is misbehaving, so I can’t get the photos off right now but will add more of todays pictures tomorrow!



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