Just a Couple Pictures

Just a couple of cute pictures of James today!  I’m not sure if he is teething super early, or maybe just not feeling so hot but he was a bit grumpy today and didn’t want to nap and was off and on feeding.  And when he was in a good mood he wanted to eat stuff like his toys or gnaw on my fingers.  I finally got him a cold teether toy just incase and he seemed to like that too but who knows if that made him feel better or if the cold feeling was just new and novel and he was exploring it.  We’ll see how he feels tomorrow! Poor Baby!


James didn’t want to reach out with his hands so much this morning.  It was more of a lean way over and lick or nibble kind of day!



Other than that it was a normal Monday around here.  Joe had to plow this morning, and then  as he was leaving the snow plow came and dumped more snow in the driveway so he had to stop, go back and get the plow again and redo it all.  So really he plowed twice this morning before going into work!  And then he had to stay until after 7 to get stuff done.  Once he was home and James was asleep I got to go off to the gym for a bit by myself where I managed to run 3 miles! The first time I have run since the baby has been born and I checked my log and the last time I actually ran was May 24,2013 but it says Run/Walk 2.5 miles… so I’m guessing I was not all into running at that point and it was more of a walk and less of a run! Any good long runs haven’t happened in almost a year at this point so I was glad to run tonight! And it all went pretty well considering my shoes are old, I was wearing yoga pants (I was expecting to elliptical not run!), and I’m not normally a night time runner (although I will become one now because thats the easiest time to do it). When I got there all of the elliptical machines were busy so I decided to walk and then I decided to set aside my dignity and just go for it even though I was surrounded by several people who were running a lot better and faster than me!  I almost wish I could hang a sign on my treadmill saying “I just had a baby 10 weeks ago and I haven’t run in almost a year… I usually look like a dork running but not this big of one so please don’t watch me!” but a sign that long would draw attention… so I just minded my own business and ran my 3 miles and I’m glad I did!


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