A New Decade

I’m entering into a new decade today! My third decade and 30th birthday!  I don’t feel any older or anything, although I definitely do have a few grey hairs… but I have had those for awhile so they didn’t just pop up today!  Joe surprised me with a very nice card that he left in the baby’s room for me so when I got up at 3am to feed James I had it to open!  Then he made me a tasty breakfast once we finally got up for the day around 8 or so.

My present from him was to have him home with us all day!  It was nice, we miss him a lot when he has to work so much.  It’s been awhile since he has been able to be around here with us all day on a weekend even, and really he should have been at work today and will have to go do work tomorrow for sure.  Last weekend he was here on Saturday but he was outside taking down the pole barn and we were inside most of the day.  Otherwise he has had to work on weekends and he has had to work really late a lot of nights too.  This project is almost done though, thank goodness!  It was nice to have him all to ourselves today and a very good present! 

My other present is going to be new running shoes that I’ll order in the next few days using the presents from my parents and Joe’s parents to buy them! I didn’t run much last year when I was pregnant and I’m really looking forward to getting out and about again! I will probably have to wait until the weather gets nice to really get back into running but that’s better than nothing!  We do have a treadmill but it isn’t in a safe spot upstairs anymore.  We had to move it out of James’ room and now we don’t trust any of the other floors to hold it while someone runs on it and we don’t have any other spot downstairs to put it either.  Our basement ceiling is too low and it would go through the floor in the mudroom.  I do go to the gym occasionally but I need to go at night after Joe is home and that makes for some late evenings for us so I can’t realistically go everyday.  I do hope to go every few days though or at least twice a week if I can.  So, because of  all the trouble finding a way to run right now  I don’t think a marathon is on my plate this year, but I’d for sure like to run the local half marathon here in July! I think a half marathon should be plenty doable and that race allows (or at least it always has and hopefully it continues) strollers so if Joe wants to run it too then we can take the stroller and James right with us!

IMG_0210Potato/Onion frittata with spicy cheese on it and bacon on the side! With hot cocoa of course! I’ve been drinking way too much cocoa but since I drink less coffee now than I used to (and I save it for like 2pm when I am exhausted and the baby is not), I drink a lot of cocoa instead.  I finally dug out my big mug the other day too… I haven’t used it in almost a year, but I used to use it every day!

After breakfast and catching up on a couple of our shows Joe headed up to shower and then outside to plow and then I did a bit of cleaning and showered when Joe was done.  James took a nice nap from about 10:30-2:30… very long! So we did stuff around the house while he slept.  Joe also worked on the pole barn roof and got out our big propane heater and tried to melt some of the snow from the roof. Once James was awake we decided to try going for a walk in Dollar Bay with the dog. It was a total fail.  We made it a couple of blocks before the baby starting to cry, I think his face was too cold, and Cora was being a pain in the butt…and then snow mobiles starting coming past us.  We went home and called it lesson learned… bummer! We warmed up and then headed into town to get animal foods and a couple things for supper and by the time we got home it was time for James to have some more food and then bath and bedtime!

Once James was asleep around 8 we had our own supper, appetizer snacks, and now we have been watching T.V. and hanging out for the evening.  In a bit we will have some cake and head to bed! Overall a pretty good birthday!

And to end the day… a few pictures of James from earlier.  He was hanging out in his pack n play while I fed everybody supper and Joe was outside dealing with the pole barn. He loves that cat hanging over him and he can pretty successfully reach out and swat it and sometimes he can grab it and pull it towards him too.  He is starting to enjoy putting things he can grab into his mouth.  If I’m holding his hands he will put my fingers in his mouth if he can already.  He can sit in here for a pretty good time just looking up at the cat and babbling at it or reaching for it/grabbing at it.  It’s pretty cute!  Do you see his super wet shirt? That is drool. Lots of drool.  The past week or so he has been drooling up a storm. I always thought it was dumb to leave a bib on a baby all the time but now I get it… tomorrow we might try a perma-bib too just to keep him a bit drier.  I think he is too young to be teething (almost 10 weeks), so he must just be a drooly baby.





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