Changes All Around

In the past few days we’ve sold one of our old cars (one more to go! Anybody want to buy a truck??), had two insurance adjustors here for all the damage (hopefully it covers the car, we probably won’t make a claim on our other items from the pole barn because we have a $1000 deductible) and today I finally called to quit my job.  That is probably the biggest change, even though I have been off on maternity leave for about 10 weeks, as of today I’ll officially be off work entirely and am going from full-time pharmacy technician to full-time mama. It’s definitely different hours and routines for sure!  I’ve been getting used to it though as I’ve been on maternity leave and I think it will only get more fun as he gets older and during the nice weather when we can go out with the stroller and baby carrier and take dog for walks and get out and about more.  Starting in May James is eligible for swimming lessons and once he can crawl it will be worthwhile to take him to the indoor play place and we can explore parks and beaches and all kinds of things over the next few months!


James in his cute raccoon outfit today.  I was going to save his raccoon outfit for tomorrow but we had a significant diaper crisis about 10 minutes before we were going out today so he ended up wearing it today instead!

Today I got to go out to lunch with a couple of friends and one of them brought her kids (the other one is a grandma already so none of her kids wanted to come of course!) so we were evenly matched 3 adults and 3 children.  Mine wasn’t the only one who cried either thank goodness! Although mine cried longer and stubbornly refused to take a bottle from me so I had to use my cover and a blanket and feed him at the table… good thing none of them mind!  Joe is out tonight himself with some of his friends and then he is bringing us some supper home, probably after James is in bed for the evening… he has about an hour left before it’s that time so after I’m done with this (he is in my lap hanging out with me) we will go upstairs and do some playing and then get a bath, read a book, get a snack and get tucked in for bed!


A couple cute pictures from the other day… a box of cats.  Too bad the big one peed on the box today.  Cute while it lasted!



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