Colours, Shapes, Textures (2-month baby activities)

James got a couple of new activities today! He was feeling a bit cranky and under the weather from his shots yesterday though so he wasn’t too excited about them… hopefully tomorrow and over the weekend he will think they are cooler.


The first activity is a fabric bag.  I cut out pieces from a whole bunch of different fabric colours and textures.  There are two types of fleece, netting, cotton, canvas, curtain heavy weave material, gauze, towel material… plus stripes, flowers, zig zags, pumpkins, plain colours etc.  So we can pull different fabrics out of the bag and he can touch them and look at them.



The second activity isn’t really an activity but I decided to make some bright coloured shapes to put on his wall above his changing table.  I just used painters tape to stick them up there so I can change them or move them without ruining our paint.  I tried to get him to look interested in them but he was being silly and staring at me after his nap instead.  I think he was thinking ‘Hey aren’t you supposed to be changing my diaper right now?’ in this picture.  He did become interested in them after his bath when I was drying him off and getting his jammies on…he was looking up at the wall and checking them out but I had no camera at that point!


Post-nap, pre-supper playing… I was trying to get him interested in the fabric but he really just wanted to eat and snuggle.  He has been so sleepy today from those darn shots.  He was up around 7am but then he slept from 10-2 and then 4:30-6 and then went to bed normal at 7:30.  He only had a very minor fever from them but he does have a red welt on his thigh from one of the shots. Poor baby! If nothing else I think my fabric bag is cool… maybe eventually he will want to play with it with me too!


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