First Shots, Cold Chickens

It was 2-month shots day today!  James got 3 shots and then an oral dose of something too.  He cried more for the oral dose than the shots for some reason! He was a very good boy too, he charmed everybody and only cried for a couple minutes.  He is officially 14lb 8oz, 23.5 inches long and his head was somewhere in the 16-16.5 inch range but I missed the exact on that one.  He is roughly in the 75-90 percentile and meeting all his baby milestones just fine.

Some pre-shot photos…







And after some baby pictures how about some chicken pictures?


Lots of snow on the roof


The chickens have been locked inside most of the winter because it’s been so cold


Last week, on polebarn day actually, I let them come out.  Most of them peeked outside and said either ‘No, Thank You’ or ‘Heck no, I’m not going out there!’… but a couple briefly came out. Very briefly! And then they all enjoyed their day inside like normal, although I did leave the door open all day for fresh air.





One thought on “First Shots, Cold Chickens

  1. James looks great! And the chicken coop picture seems to define the snowy winter of 13-14 thus far (to say nothing of the barn)…

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