2 fails and 2 successes

First… my two fails! Bummer!


We had a few extra eggs last week so I thought it would be fun to freeze them.  You can freeze eggs but most sites just freeze them in bulk.  I didn’t want just 2 cups of frozen eggs in a hunk though because we wouldn’t use that much at one time so I thought I would try ice cube trays.  I don’t know if it’s me, the eggs, or the tray I chose but those suckers are stuck in there like glue.  You know how you twist and the ice pops out? Well you twist and the eggs stay securely and safely in.  I haven’t had Joe try yet but I think I’m going to end up having to thaw them and then cook them for the dog or something.  Bummer!


Remember a few days ago when I planted some garlic and made homemade garlic powder? Yea well last night I was researching garlic and how long it would take to grow and I discovered that garlic needs a cold period where it is in the dirt and kept under 40 degrees.  Perfect. I didn’t do that.  In the same paragraph I learned that if you don’t do this, the garlic will just produce flat green leaves and never turn into a new bulb.  Kinda looks like what I’ve got going…and I was so proud my garlic had sprouted and was thriving! Bummer! So I put the whole pot in the fridge to see if I could salvage it.  Maybe the bulbs will hibernate like they are supposed to and then regrow.  Otherwise I will have to start over. Maybe the leaves will taste like garlic too…


James didn’t really want to be put down much today, he was in that bassinet there next to Cora but he was starting to cry.   So, making dog cookies was about the only useful thing I did all day besides some laundry and basic chores.  And it took a long time to make them too! For a little bit James sat in his carrier and helped me make them but then he was over it and wanted to get out and do something else.  Sometimes I actually roll the dough out and make them into dog bone shapes but normally I’m too lazy (because I hate cleaning dough off the counter) and I just roll bits of dough into little dog cookie balls and call it good.  Today we made a double batch of beef flavoured treats for her.


This success was really Joe’s not mine! Although, I successfully ate a bunch of it if that counts…  I got to go to the gym tonight and Joe made us shrimp fried rice for supper when I got home and we had it with pot stickers and some egg rolls with hot mustard, chilli oil, soy vinegar and sweet and sour sauce for dipping! Mmmm. Another of my favourite meals! Usually we have fried rice and pork/egg rice within a couple days of each other because we can cook up a big pot of rice and use it for several things.  That’s what we did this time and then I also had rice for lunch for a couple of days too to use up the rest of it. Nice and easy!


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