2 months old!

James is two months old today! We didn’t do anything special today, just normal stuff around the house. I’m very tired after the weekend we had for sure although I’m really bad at taking naps because I usually use the times when James is sleeping to get other stuff done… so I guess its my own fault!  I often wake up with him in the early mornings (sometime early early morning like 2-4ish and again like 5-7ish) and I’m so tired I tell myself I really have to take a nap today but then he won’t always take a long morning nap and by the afternoon nap I’m ready to get stuff done that I haven’t all day so I end up skipping my own nap and just making some coffee instead.  Today I used his naptime to do some work in the chicken coop, walk Cora and feed our animals, and then I did some lessons in Java until Joe told me I should try Ruby so then I looked at that for awhile until it was time to get James up.  I was originally going to make some crafts out of our barn wood that I haven’t done yet, but I changed my mind and decided to learn some programming instead.  Joe had to work today himself… in fact, as I type he has been at work for 13.5 hours and he plans to be there for another hour and a half or so and then stay up late to do more work here at home.  I’ll be glad when this project is done and he can take a day or two off with us to relax!


Mr. 2 months old this morning after first breakfast but before second breakfast.  I think that is why he looks so serious.  He is willing me to put the camera down and hurry up with breakfast #2. 🙂 I tried hard to get him to smile but he was ready for some food and didn’t cooperate with me! He smiles a lot now, often when I am feeding him he will stop and look up at me and smile.  He smiles a lot during diaper changes too… I’ll be wiping him off and I look over and he gives me a big grin.  He must think dirty diapers are funny!  Sometimes when one of us is holding him or doing something goofy or silly to him he will give us a big smile too.  I love them and don’t like to miss a single one!


James is getting very good at holding his head way up when he is on his belly.  He moves his arms and legs too and if I support my hands behind his feet he will sort of push himself forward but he can’t quite figure out how to do it on his own yet and I don’t think he has the muscles really to get there right now… soon though!  Several times now I have put him down in his crib only to come back and find he has scooted on his back to another spot, up or down or sideways.  I don’t know if that is purposeful… he might just wiggle a lot and end up somewhere else but it means he is getting stronger!

He has put a toy in his mouth a couple of times if I put the toy in his hand, but he doesn’t grab very well yet.  A couple of days ago he was laying in his pack n play for a few minutes talking to his cat toy hanging over him and when I came back he had grabbed it and pulled it down so it was right in his face and making him mad.  It was pretty cute but he was probably surprised by it!

0-3 month clothes are officially out now for the most part.  He has just a couple of items that I consider large 3 month clothes that he can still fit into but otherwise he is in 3-6 and 6 month clothes.  A few of the full 6 month items are still too big but I know they won’t be for long.  In his picture he is wearing a 6 month onesie which fit great all over except the sleeves… the sleeves were like 3 times too long and I had to roll them up for him or they would have hung to his feet!  His pants are still 3 month and they were alright today.

James is also making lots more eye contact, talking a bit more (instead of grunting at us), and grabbing things when his hands run into them.  He likes to grab my hair now or shirt or burp rag.  I don’t think he purposefully sees it and grabs it, but if it touches his hand he will grab it.  He is proficient in sucking on his own hands now too! When he gets hungry his little fists regularly go right into his mouth and a couple of times I’ve been holding his hand and he’s shoved my fingers into his mouth instead.  It’s super cute and then I know he is hungry right away and he doesn’t even cry most of the time! He is a very, very patient, calm, well-behaved baby and you can tell right away when he is tired, hungry or doesn’t want to play any longer.

His most common schedule right now is to get up around 7 or 7:30… sometimes I can get him to sleep a bit longer but usually we just get up and I get him dressed and we come downstairs to eat and play and snooze for awhile.  Sometimes he will nap around 10 or 10:30 but it isn’t usually very long.  Long enough for me to take Cora out and go feed my chickens for the day though which is nice. We usually eat and play for the afternoon interspersed with me taking a shower (where he lays on a blanket on the floor and looks at shampoo bottles and other things I give him), and him sleeping in my lap.  I do chores mixed in and sometimes he will sit in his pack n play for a few minutes while I switch laundry or come sit in his bassinet in the kitchen if I do dishes and he can listen to me talk and watch me etc.

Around 3:30-4 he is pretty consistent with taking an afternoon nap.  Today he slept for 3 hours and would have kept sleeping but I got him up to eat and get him a bath.  Some days he only sleeps for like an hour.  I use this time to feed animals for the night and catch up on chores or special projects that I want to do.  I should nap, but I rarely do… I just make coffee and call it good.  Whenever he gets up he gets fed and we sit and play for a bit or wait for Joe to come home to see us etc.  sometimes we help Joe get supper ready in the kitchen or we do other stuff…depends on his mood and how long his nap was.  Some days he is awake and happy and other days he wants to kind of snooze and snuggle.

7:30-8 is bedtime.  He gets a big boy bath in his tub and then gets snuggled into jammies, we read a book and then he eats and gets sleepy while I read my own book quietly.  Sometimes he doesn’t quite fall asleep now but once he is done eating we say Goodnight and I love you and tuck him into his crib and turn off lights and shut the door and he falls right asleep.  Most nights lately he will sleep for 7 hours or so in the first stretch..occasionally still only 5 hours, but definitely more 7’s now.  Then he gets me up for some food and a diaper change and some snuggles and then he will fall asleep again for a few more hours before he gets me up again.  Sometimes I get up once a night, sometimes two depending on how long he sleeps for his first stretch.  Then we get up the next morning and start all over again!

Wednesday is his 2 month doctor appointment and he gets to get a whole bunch of shots and a full over checkup.  I weighed him a few days ago and he was about 14.5lb but he should be closer to 15 now for his appointment I would think.  I know he is taller and his head is bigger (Everything is bigger) but I haven’t measured his length or anything.  It will be interesting to see how big he is now! Wish us luck for the shots!


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