Chrysler Pacifica

I went out today and took some pictures of our car! Thankfully if I had been in the car cleaning it I would have been fine! Trapped probably, but otherwise pretty safe.  The car though has definitely seen better days.  Too bad half a dozen people had already emailed Joe about buying it… we are assuming the insurance company will total it since the damage done to it is way more than the thing is worth. 















The car is full of dents and scratches.  The front bumper is broken in half, you can see all the trim around the edges of the car is torn up, the roof is dented/caved in, the windshield is cracked all over, both mirrors are broken off, the back window and lights are all shattered.  It’s pretty banged up! But, not totally flattened like we thought!

And… for a couple of good pictures too…


Joe had to work all day today and this afternoon James and I found Sister Act and Sister Act II on T.V. and he was totally fascinated with the beginning of Sister Act II with Whoopie Goldberg singing oldies.  He sat there so calm and quiet just looking towards the T.V. all thoughtful with his hands in his lap.  And once she was done he lost interest and got fussy and wanted to play and come back to my lap and do other stuff.  Such a weird baby!


The garlic I planted a few days ago is growing perfectly well! We’ll see if it actually makes new heads of garlic for us to use… that would be pretty darn neat.  I’m assuming it will take a few months though like if it was planted outside.


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